Time-Saving Data Entry Tips and Tricks

Time-Saving Data Entry Tips and Tricks

Recording data in the streamlined format is what the data entry operator does. Many companies, which deal in data services, deploy an army of data entry professionals for completion of various processes. Have you ever thought of how they do such a lengthy and mind-boggling data entry jobs? It’s all about doing the job in smart way that requires less hard work but lots of doings for brain. Let’s go through some really smart tricks and vitals tips for giving out the best entries of data in short time seamlessly. Most of the entries are registered in MS Excel Spreadsheet as it is an amazing tool for organizing data. So, here we have some tips for its users; catch them below:

Customize the move of the cell cursor:  You get distracted seeing the cursor taking position in the cell down the last one at pressing ‘Enter’ key. You feel irritated as you want to do data entry in the next column instead of the next row. This problem can be resolved using these tips:

  • Click on the ‘File’ menu.
  • Choose ‘File Options’.
  • Select ‘Advanced’ from the left-side list.
  • A dialog box will open. Move the cursor to the ‘Editing Option’ header.
  • Click on the check box ‘After pressing cursor, move selection’.
  • Select ‘Down’ from its drop down list.
  • The disabled check box will let the user to use arrow keys for moving the cursor as per desire.

Utilize ‘Data Table’ for storing data: Don’t underestimate the power of data table, even though you work in MS Excel. It adds wings to your data entry services and will polish your skills rendering the best data entry services India. 

  • Select the data in the spreadsheet.
  • Click on the ‘Table’ option in the standard tool bar.
  • It will assign more power and formatting to your table by adding filters and sort options (as default).In data entry, More than one table with its own specific formatting can be created in one sheet.
  • In place of cell references, the user can put some desirable and meaningful data in formula bar. It will perform the same function as, in case you use taking cell references.
  • Formatting will be applicable at single click in table tools.
  • Exporting data table will also be possible at single click.

Create your own drop-down List: If you want the data to be consistent, maintain it in drop-down list.

  • Create a range by entering items that you want to pick in drop down list.
  • Do selection of the cell where you want drop-down list.
  • Go to the ‘Data’ option in the standard tool bar.
  • Select ‘Data Tools’ option and then, ‘Data Validation’.
  • A dialog box will open. Change the setting through ‘Setting’ tab.
  • For creating the list, click on ‘Allow’.
  • Now, go to the source box for mentioning the range which you want to be in list.
  • Examine if the ‘In-Cell Drop Down’ is checked. Click on ‘Ok’ then.

Use shortcut keys: Using hotkeys is the shortcut to complete the data entry task.

  • Tab key will move the cursor to the next cell.
  • Shift+Tab key will return to the previous input cell.
  • Ctrl+A helps in selecting the entire page.
  • Ctrl+C copies the selected data.
  • Ctrl+V creates the copy of the copied data.
  • Ctrl+Z undo the last action.
  • Ctrl+Shift+Z will reverse the last undo action.
  • Alt+Tab can be time-effective switch between all opened windows.

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