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UKEF & UK TECH EXPO 2023: Eminenture Took a Flight to Global Forums

Safety Excellence ISO 45001:2018 Certification Achieved

Leaders’ Connect 2023 : Refining and Upskilling Leadership

Proud to Be One of the Top Trending Data Mining Companies

UKEF & UK TECH EXPO 2023: Eminenture Took a Flight to Global Forums

Outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic is indeed unfortunate

Eminenture Enlisted in 2020’s Best BPO Company in Chicago, US

NASSCOM Launchpad in USA Opens Tech Opportunities

About Us

Eminenture is an incredible transformer that promises to have a great digital future pillared on the best strategic approach. Our disruptive technologies collate innovation & upskills to onboard new partners and hundreds of associates for living up to promises. These are to change for better future, faster growth and greater opportunities.


Efforts need a boost, which motivates customers and employees to go some extra miles with us. Excelling in delivering premium quality, value-additions, excellent performance and timely feedbacks drives the way we engage & onboard to pinnacle, crowning us with more opportunities & leadership.


Our collaborative technologies and strategies strongly stand by offerings, which are aligned with today and the changes of tomorrow. Innovations are some value additions that lead us to design digital future and deliver an amazing experience, which you always prefer for claiming leadership and seamless going in irrespective of industries.


The emergence of new industries drives us to re-imagine our strategy, solutions and platforms for your business continuity. Despite being hard, our innovators and thought leaders make it up all easy going while communicating with by far the biggest influence-makers and future builders to accelerate growth and make an impressive impact.

About Us

Eminenture is an incredible transformer that promises to have a great digital future pillared on the best strategic approach. Our disruptive technologies collate innovation & upskills to onboard new partners and hundreds of associates for living up to promises. These are to change for better future, faster growth and greater opportunities.

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Web Research Services
Tap How to Improve Customer Experience via Web Research

Web Research Services

Access What Web Research Carries for Improving CX

With research, we discover that your eyes cannot see easily. It needs the glasses of an expert. The globally trusted Eminenture is a leading IT/BPM Company from India, providing the best web research services. We embrace the data-driven approach to catch insights for defining a digitally-enabled corporate journey. Our research consists of the most relevant, consistent, valid and accurate information. Through it, we let you administer a variety of business challenges and win opportunities for more profit.

Our outsourcing web research services are out of ordinary. We discover the aggregated information from thousands of web resources of the same niche. Then, we clean it to deliver without making delays so that you can have fresh details for digital transformation. Our team leverages your decision making or business intelligence. It proves really effective for figuring out insights. With these, you accelerate to better decisions on generating leads, revenue and sales.

Cutting Edge Web Research Services

Our web research services include web extraction, mining and analytics. These also cover qualitative data exploration and custom discoveries. These all procedures are typically dedicated to intelligence mining. It needs cutting edge resources, tools and advanced technologies to effectuate. We have these all to integrate with your operational efficiency.

We deploy advanced tools for web scraping, optimizing, validating and aggregating, which bring results in a real-time. This is how we prepare for discovering breakthroughs. These discoveries prove a big turning point for a business.

web research services

It happens through automation that leads to digital transformation. We let it be defined in no time. Many-a-times, we go way beyond that, delivering client satisfaction. Our data-driven valuable insight assists you to catch up with breakthroughs.

Multiply Revenue with Researched Intelligence

The end goal of every customer is to seek breakthroughs. It can make a great difference to revenue & business experience. These are connected with the deep analytics of user behavior, brand visibility and effective marketing campaigns. We ensure a quick turnaround time, figuring out breakthroughs. These actually help in creating exceptions. We have done it many-a-times for our customers from offshore and onshore.

End-to-End Research for Mining Services

We have automated databases to gratify you with a robust and hybrid data-centric platform. It is designed for automatically segmenting insights. Only an automated architecture can provide end-to-end research services over the internet. Our solutions ensure endless opportunities to scale up and drive growth through predictive analysis and intelligence.

Mining User Behaviour & Insight-Based Models

Our research experts discover trends underlying databases through usage-mining. It is the latest technique to unearth customers’ usage models and their behavior. Together with it, we rely on structure mining. It lets us discover connections between an inter-document and an intra-document using summarizing hyperlinks between web pages. Content mining is another approach that we use to draw text, audio, video, images and other multimedia content. This mining assists our virtual assistants to serve intelligence based on user behavior. We also translate it into visualisation. It proves an interactive way to improve marketing attribution. With it, you maximize cost-savings, make informed & substantial decisions and improve operational efficiency.

Breakthrough Carrying Web Research Services

  • Lead Generation
  • Products Research
  • Business Research
  • Online Data Mining
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social Media Research

The NASSCOM member and ISO 27001:2013 & ISO 9001:2015 certified-Eminenture has been researching websites for business improvement via web research-driven insights, which it provides the best of its kind in this niche. The interested ones may contact or call us.

Excellent In-trend Solutions with Web Research

Supplementary Solutions to Grab & Gain True Values

data extraction

Data Extraction

Get datasets extracted in any size from any sources through the expertise that we use for this goal.

web scraping

Web Scraping

Scraping is to get desirable web data that our experts deliver in no time using smart tools.

data processing

Data Processing

Discover how we professionally process datasets and deliver in a quick turnaround time.

data collection

Data Collection

Meet experts who are upskilled to collect datasets for fulfilling your custom requirements.

data mining

Data Mining

Get the perfect business models that can make a big difference to operations & workflows.

market research

Market Research

Discover insights of the market trends and demand through end-to-end market research.

Process We Follow

Stepping towards a Better, Easier & Progressive Business

Research Goal

We find out exactly what you aim at through web research facts & insights.

Filter Requirements

The researchers access inputs to pick up the web resources to catch up insights.

Get Ready

This phase is dedicated to preparation for capturing requisite datasets.

Collect Usable

The datasets that are really meaningful we collect them at a place.

Quality Check

This step is meant to determine the accuracy, validity & consistency of data.

Subset Services

Truly Bringing a Big Change with Extraordinary Services

  • Profile Research

    Profile Research

  • Product Research

    Product Research

  • Online Data Mining

    Online Data Mining

  • Ecommerce Research

    Ecommerce Research

Success Stories

Eminenture-The globally acclaimed most trusted BPM Company

Processing File for Financing Company Case Study
Processing File for Financing Company
Over 50K digital files met transformation through deep processing that double the ROI.


Strategised e-Conversion for UK University Case Study
Strategised e-Conversion for UK University
Over 1 lakh PDFs were transformed into digital files with 6 tools.


Investment Management Co. Got Clean Data Case Study
Investment Management Co. Got Clean Data
Over 85K digital files were put into a cleaning funnel using four plus advanced tools.


Equity Research for Financing Company Case Study
Equity Research for Financing Company
Over 5M data were accessed & cleaned, saving 55% of net operational cost.


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