Sundar Pichai – an Eminent Indian Making India Proud

Sundar Pichai - an Eminent Indian Making India Proud

Larry Page, the company’s current CEO, announced Sundar Pichai as his descendant on 10th August 2015. Sundar Pichai is Google’s new star CEO ‘Sunder Pichai’ whose salary package touches 50 billion dollars or 302 crore per annum. Bravo! What else would be the great gift to cheer 69th anniversary of India’s Independence Day that that of Sundar Pichai’s exquisite achievement!

Today’s Sundar Pichai was christened as Pichai Sundararajan. He never missed the list of the scholars where ever he stepped, either in studies or at designated post. His giant leap from low key-manager to CEO of the iconic search engine company is admirable enough to bow several heads down.  Like Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, he has benchmarked on the world’s map. Since childhood, he is indulged in pushing the boundaries and making no stone unturned for fetching accolades and praise.

Let’s have a look over his life and achievement: 

a) Sundar Pichai was born in 1972 Tamil Nadu, India. His father was an electrical engineer who was designated in Britani Company G E C while his mother was a stenographer.

b) The renowned CEO was the skipper of his high school cricket team. Under his captaincy, his team won the tournament at regional level.

c) Completing school, he took admission in IIT Kharagpur where he attained degree in engineering. He passed out MS from America’s Stanford University. Thereafter, he got MBA degree from Wharton business school there.

d) Subsequent to MBA, he entered the consulting company ‘Mckenzie’ and recruited at product management department.

e)  He joined the search engine company GOOGLE in 2004. There, he took over the charge of this company’s products used worldwide.

f)  Two things that changed gave a new turn to his life are Gmail & Google Map Apps. These products fetched an overnight fame.

g)  Further, he evolved Android App for Google’s all products. Thereafter, his focus was stuck to Google Browser Chrome & Chrome OS which he launched in 2008. He marched to peak of stardom as a prolific corporate of technology.

h) He was nominated as a consulting member of American Company ‘Ruba Inc’.

i)  His wife’s name is Anjali. The couple has a son & daughter each.

j) He is the master of brilliant brain. It is popularly known that he could recount the phone numbers since the day his house installed landline in 1984.

k) He is the man-of-words & a perfect diplomat who did what he said. Showcasing his dexterity in convincing, he did not let the Whatsapp sell to Facebook. Even, he persuaded Nest to join Google as per sources.

l) Since 2014, he has been enjoying the freedom of overseeing the iconic products of the company, like Google+, ad as well as commercial products.

m) It worth to get shocked that he might not be on the same portfolio of the Google where he is deployed. He led down the opulent offer of Twitter in 2011 on being proposed by his current company. In return, the company got ready to compensate him via unbelievable high package. And it paid $ 50 billion to him to be retained.

Hats off & salvo to the new India-based CEO of Google ‘Sundar Pichai’ on this Independence Day of India!