How To Create Data Entry Leads Via Predictive Analysis?

How To Create Data Entry Leads Via Predictive Analysis?

A huge round of applause should be given to the accessibility of relevant data today. Enhanced modeling and advanced analytics seed through it to flip the loss into profit. Peeping into the customers’ intention is a walkover with them. Thereby, moulding old business tricks according to the customers’ requirement needs a little hard work to do. Eventually, thousands of leads come knocking at your door with least of efforts.

Put on your thinking cap to find what a finance-based company wants. Obviously, the data of people interested in loan, credit cards, debit cards and equities can make it walk in the air. On contacting the big data repositories, like Just Dial & India Mart, where thousands of inquirers submit their inquiries, it can catch on the phone numbers & email ids of the interested audience. Finally, leads would route to it.

In the nutshell, big data hides customers’ intentions. It implies the prospective leads route through the data. By sensing the customers’ liking, an appropriate blend of their requirements & creativity caters tailored result. Thereby, conversion seems irresistible.

Here are a few modern targeting models that most of the outsourcing data entry companies would love to find the leads.

  1. Modern Marketing Signals: Do you know why I used ‘signals’? This word determines the information that is derived from the routine actions of the customers & various businesses. Once this information is studied thoroughly, the picture of potential customers becomes clearer than ever.

Data entry leads would be not so far if you are aware of these three signals.

  • Behavioral: Millions of companies drop inquiries for data entry services and data entry outsourcing. India Mart and Just Dial are the experienced players of this game. Besides, Yellow Pages, Sulekha, Askme and many more online business-listing websites continue to be the biggest data supplier to diverse organizations. You can get the signal of intended clients who want virtual assistance in data entry works directly from there.

Apart from it, the CRM of your website would have a stockpile of relevant inquiries.

  • Event-based: Since digital trend is in, various publication houses, offline business listing companies, libraries and offline traders are looking at the data entry companies with optimistic eyes.

For example, the recent decision of Indian government mandated linking of PAN Card & bank accounts with the Aadhaar number. Even, the authenticity of the phone number would be nullified if aadhaar number will not be provided. This means that the data entry in India would be up in demand. Such events of digitization have great offers of generating leads in galore. Therefore, the outsourcing data-based organizations must keep an eye on such events for getting leads of data-entry services.

  • Predictive: Let’s say an ecommerce company outsourced a market research company for extracting data of the competitors. The company provided end-to-end data solutions. So, the outsourcing company has a bright chance to approach it for data processing, data mining, web scrapping and scanning services on the basis of predictive analysis.
  1. Enhance Marketing Strategies: The marketing strategies are reshaping themselves with the changing business scenario. The marketers need not toss the coin to know if the marketing plan would be hit or flop. The data can deliver responsive, intuitive and customer-centric programs.   It delivers:
  • Client’s knowledge: Let’s say, a finance company has the data of 1 million users. It implies that the company has email ids, phone numbers, addresses and revenue details of 1 million people. By keenly observing their revenue, it can predict target audience for selling its other products, like credit cards and insurance policies. Isn’t it like a piece of pie to gain insight of the clients today! (For sure, it is!)
  • Personalization:  Do you know how job portals, like naukri, indeed, and monsters, fulfill vacancy requirements of national and multinational companies? Their reputation attracts unemployed, freshers and also the corporates to fulfill their requirements. Their data repositories enable their backend staff to sift through and cater leads to the employers and vice-versa. All in all, it’s the data & personalized calls at the center that keep the momentum of placement going on.
  • Retain old clients/employees: Attrition unleashes blow to a company. What if Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai leaves Google? Undoubtedly, the company will have to bear hefty loss. But data monitoring of employees can help the employer identify the pain points. Thereby, the employer can award for loyalty, bonus or appraisal to retain the old yet valuable assets (employees).  Their data will play the role of mirror that never lies how well they performed.