we make sure that there is no imitation of our logos and slogans

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This document outlines the policies followed by Eminenture regarding the use of Eminenture Private Limited trademarks and logos in the open market. This policy implies to people who do not comply with our trade mark policies or doesn't have a written authorization from us, has no authority to use our trademark in any possible way.


We ensure to balance out two contravening interests related to our trademark policy, the first being that our eminent trademarks remain reliable axiomatic indicators that display sources, quality and security. Secondly, our website contains trademarks, logos, images and materials which are owned by or licensed to Eminenture Private Limited.

In our trademark policy we make sure that there is no imitation of our logos and slogans such as "Eminent people, Eminent Performance", "Customer First, Employee First", "EM Green Initiatives", "EM Culture", etc. We prohibit online users to use identical Eminenture trademarks at second level domains.


The existence of trademarks is not for any person or enterprise to just integrate or modify them on their products, fashion wears or any service they cater in the market. Clients identify an organization by its trademark. At Eminenture, we do not endorse nor do we sponsor a third party product or service on our website. We use trademarks for distributing our publications in India and all across the globe. These trademarks are featured on social media as well as other professional sites. We aspire to provide exclusive knowledge to make our clients aware of our unique mechanisms we offer in running their business in a better way.

These trademark policies are outlined for our clients and customers so that they can comprehend our excellent quality services and recognize us by our exclusive and unique eminent trademarks, we have embedded on our website.


Reproduction is strictly off-limits in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms a part of these terms and conditions. Any copyright infringement of our company trademarks or other copyrighted material found on another source other than sources related to Eminenture will result in prosecution according to the international copyright law.

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