How Artificial Intelligence Multiplies Retail Lead Conversion?

How Artificial Intelligence Multiplies Retail Lead Conversion?

The day is not so far when machines would be as sensitive as human. Possibly, they are likely to achieve an extraordinary sense. It implies that the intelligence would be no more the legacy of humans. IBM’s Watson proves it correct. Loaded with stunning features, this app runs on the question-answer format. From deriving analytical figures to virtual advisory to clients, it makes sure cutting on losses. Simultaneously, the revenue begins to flowing in.

Likewise, digital world has countless examples of machine’s intelligence. With all these ultra-useful software or apps, the business doors stay open 24X7. Official social media gateways, mobile apps and websites keep engaging clients and customers. But without communication, they are worthless. For smooth business processing, the communication must go on.

Let’s comprehend what the artificial intelligence is & how it creates business opportunities.

Artificial intelligence (AI): Have you ever witnessed a machine following its own set of instructions?  It’s a revolutionary business idea that would be a big decision-maker. Do you know why human rules?  It’s just because of his superiority in sensing and then, executing the thoughts effectively. What if the machine learning would achieve these qualities?

Obviously, the result would be far ahead of expectation. This is why many scientists and techies are busy in transforming machines. Leveraging huge data into decision-making is what the machines would be able to do. Although, there are many AI apps but this transformation is in nascent stage.

AI For customer support 24X7: Lending helping hands to the customers is elemental to reach the pinnacle of success. The happy customers have a story to share which automatically results in mouth-to-mouth publicity. And if they have grudges, an apology mail or mail to address their problem can heal the wound of customers.

Suppose an e- retailer interacts with his customers religiously during & post-sale. Sometimes he personally asks for the feedback. And whenever he can’t do so, an automated email plays the role of an agile support. Isn’t it a stich in time to customer’s wound? Many e-Wallet merchants, like Paytm, are buzzing name for refunding money within 24 hours. Rather than keeping the recipient in dark, they instantly raise ticket to resolve the issue.

Live Chat emerges as an effective tool to filter customer’s requirement. Utilize it like a guiding tool. Or, you can seek data of prospective customers. The satisfying answers would definitely create leads. Otherwise, you would be enriched of data of the target audience.

AI for post-purchase touch points: The delivery of satisfaction binds the customers. AI has the power to engage. With it, the merchant can emerge in proactive role. By garnering the favourite products and services, this intelligence proves it worth even post-sale.

Many retailers who are collated with amazon derive touch points through their value-offers. By crediting loyalty points, they know how to clean bowled the targeted one. It’s not a blind effort but a thorough analysis of the consumers’ activities on the website/mobile app.

For understanding customers’ requirement:   Have you checked Macy’s On Call App? It mashes up cognitive computing with location-based software. It’s tested in more than 10 stores. The app has dumbstruck coding that tends to answer the location of a particular brand to shopaholics. Thereby, the customers need not bite bullets to find their favourite brand.    

In the nutshell, it’s essential to read out customers’ intentions and requirements. Then only, moving earth & heaven for crafting marketing strategies for leads and conversion is possible.