How Augmented Reality Takes Outsource Market Research Ahead?

How Augmented Reality Takes Outsource Market Research Ahead?

Technology is the mother of augmented reality. Today’s greatest game sensation ‘Pokemon Go’ primarily runs on this very principle.

Difference between the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR):

So! What’s augmented reality? Actually, it’s a technology that embeds a digital image on the real world view of a user.

Virtual reality is not its synonym but has its unique identity. It’s embedding the upcoming product or service in the virtual environment.

So basically, augmented reality is different from virtual reality (VR) by a hair. The former superimposes computer- generated image on the real environment.  Be it the environment or the product, the latter reality has all virtual objects.

For instance, Niantic’s next generation game ‘Pokemon Go’ is an epitome of the latter technology. It runs on iOS and Android platforms in your handset. As you initializes, the phone captures specific dimension of your real environment. Then, your play the role of instructor and must capture your pokemon. It’s truly a sensational technique that conceals revolutionary idea for market research.

Opposite to it, take an example of HTC’s Playstation VR. It requires a headset and associated equipment. The user wears the headset or helmet to step in to the virtual environment. He receives an experience of upcoming screen sizes, 3D audio and many more new functions. So, the manufacturer encrypts reality into imagery to eliminate load of expenses that would incur when execute changes.

What market research services outsourcers can derive from augmented reality?

Introducing a trend is a challenging task. The leading companies seek every opportunity to launch new fashion in their respective domain.  It requires a deep insight of market, marketing sense and the sense of developing trends. This is why market research companies are emerging as a cynosure.

Inception of AR disclosed the phenomenal formula of going viral. The viral stunt of the foretold game is its vivid example. It drills down the potential of how to engage customers. Moreover, it suggests the tricks to conquering over physical barriers. Eventually, purchasing customers’ decision is a walkover.

All in all, applications’ emergence has begun marking significant growth of technology. These are integrated with technology in an outstanding way. The Monocle feature of Yelp application defines it appropriately. It pops the list of restaurants, bars, coffee & tea, banks, gas & service stations, sales & special offers immediately when the user clicks on this feature. And the best part is it serves the data for a particular real destination.

Are AR apps an unprecedented help for market researchers?

Dexter market analysts diligently search innovative and creative ways for outreaching potential customers. They sift, comprehend and dig deep the collected data. They do all this for evolving unique marketing strategies that would set as a trend. Therefore, it’s inevitable to run away from the global outsource market research companies, especially of India’s due to its dirt cheap quality researches.

The popularity, easy execution and user-friendliness of AR-based apps provide strong reason to outsource market research services from India. They delve in taking advantages from it.

This research is consumer-centric. Thus, the analysts evolve excellent engagement tricks. Engagement does not come automatically. It requires inputting extra loads of energies to draft ethnography of the current and potential customers.

‘Ethnography’ implies in-depth knowledge of naturally occurring behaviour of audience. And it is related to a culture or social group which includes beliefs, attitude, and values of the people.  A contemporary tool ‘digital journaling’ is also capable of leveraging marketers.

These contemporary tools are enough to scrap emotional factors of customers. For knowing customers, their inner feelings should come forth. But a typical customer skips this practice. Its finest example is filling the survey form at malls. Most of them run out of time and seem in hurry. Meanwhile, they prefer skipping that form filling.

How AR can help comprehending customers accurately?

Deriving customers’ emotions is an outstanding way to read their mind. However, it’s true that they don’t have natural desire to exhibit their feelings by themselves.  It implies the seller should put efforts. He must brainstorm the idea to spring out what his audience feels.

Just consider Facebook’s example. It’s a social media platform where social community shares, adds and circulates its feeling. It’s the commonest place for ethnography experts to reach to them.  Its newest version of emojis paints the accurate picture of every visitor’s feeling. One chooses smile, sad, upset, no reaction, anger and many more icons to demonstrate his/her state of heart after reading the post.

Likewise, if AR is optimally integrated with technology, it can produce miraculous outcome. Imagine how fascinating experience it would be if the customer creates a photo or video of its preference. For example, a teenager enters the mall. Telemetry devices tap her preferences. Thereby, the seller offers discounts as per read preferences. But who knows this type her preference will differ?

To get rid of such situation, adhere to AR. Instead of offering discounts, ask her to create a digital object that she would love to buy this time. It would help the seller extract exactly what his customer wants.

AR technology helps in pulling customers’ emotions naturally. Take an example of software that predicts which hairstyle suits the customer.  The recently evolved Dreambit software overlay customer’s face in the chosen hairstyles.  Afterwards, the software displays potential image that vividly defines how impressive and unimpressive that hairstyle will be.

The same idea can be executed in variety of businesses. Instead of ushering seller’s ideas, let the customers choose what they want. And derive such idea through which they themselves uncover their choice.

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