Types of Call Center Services in India

The outsourcing requirements from India are gaining popularity since globalization. Call centers appear as the major source when it comes to outsourcing projects from India. It’s a part of BPO services, which are overwhelmingly demanded from its significant rivals like the Philippines, Ireland, China, and Australia. But, call centers in India are outshining for delivering the best customer experience.

There are multiple reasons and tips that ensure the best customer experience. Here are a few ones for you.

Tips to deliver

Here are the top reasons, which also represent the benefits of Indian BPOs.

Advantages of Hiring an Indian BPO

The scope of getting end-to-end contact center support is limitless here. The youthful talent is massively available to acquire from here. Also, the consistent growth of 14% currently makes it a hub to never underestimate, especially for call support services.

In addition, global customers can have some more business benefits that are just the right fit to boost sales, and profit ratio, and decrease cost per sale. They can have some value-added services like up-and cross-selling through back-office non-voice support as in upselling and cross-selling. The leads can be generated in a short span through professional cold calling and email marketing.

Besides, you have a great scope to improve your brand reputation via start-to-finish customer support. Some extraordinary call centers are here to resolve matters that are a big reason for their dissatisfaction.  Also, they can help to translate satisfied customers into loyal ones. In short, their retention can be possible for more revenue and engagement.

Here is the roundup of Indian BPO benefits that any overseas or offshore customers like to have in the countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand:

  • 24×7 working hours
  • Trained professionals
  • Low-cost benefits
  • Low labor charges
  • No infrastructure cost

Different Types of Call Center Services in India

Here are four commonly available call center services in India. Catch up with what they offer:

1). Inbound Call Center Services: Inbound service means receiving phone calls from customers for different purposes. These purposes are here depicted in the below image:

There are many other support services that are included in the inbound call support category. These can be any of the following ones:

  • Hotlines to enhance your business culture, detect & prevent fraud, or assist in crisis
  • After-hour calls to ensure that no business call remains unattended or unanswered
  • Order processing to manage & support order management and updating inventories
  • Disaster response to provide assistance and support when there is an emergency
  • A virtual receptionist connects customers to the right department automatically
  • Medical answering to avail 24/7 healthcare support and practices to all patients
  • Managerial appointment to let the person do what he is actually interested in  
  • Telephone/cell phone answering to avail the personalised support for retention

How does an inbound call center work?

These call centers provide assistance to customers. There is a call representative who picks the call up and guides them with possible solutions by interacting. The calls may come unfiltered, which may be from angry, emotional, or confused customers. The reps patiently listen to their worries or queries and offer a better customer experience. 

The inbound call center follows a specific and proven strategy. It aims at effectively entertaining people with solutions to their queries. Here is the strategy to run or start this work:

  1. Decide on the type of support from Technical Support, Proactive Customer Service, or both.
  2. For reactive support to inbound calls, focus on customer support calls.
  3. For promoting & driving long-term solutions, offer customer servicing.
  4.  Training of call representatives or reps for both supports occurs.
  5. Serve customers as per their needs and resources available at the time.
  6. Plan for effectively managing a higher volume of calls to avoid any crisis.
  7. Think about prospective challenges via deep analysis and keep your performance stable.

Benefits of Inbound Call Support

  • Reduced Wait Times
  • Improved Onsite Workflow
  • Reduce Cost Per Transaction
  • More Support Hours Available
  • Improve Customer Data Collection
  • Excellent Customer Service Capability
  • Reduced Need for Onsite Management

2). Outbound Call Center Services: The sales-oriented service through calls defines outbound services. Also known as cold calling services, they assist in lead generation and conducting surveys over the phone.

How does an outbound call center work?

Like inbound calls, these types of call centers resolve customers’ queries after the purchase of a product or usage of the service. Their aim is to take the customer relationship to the next level, or to loyalty. The customers may call due to a bad brand experience. These can be related to demos, feature usage, or bad inbound call experience.

These centers are known for offering a gentler and more pleasant experience to customers. The fussy customers may be annoyed. But, getting a call to know-how was the service or product was or if they need any assistance can calm down their anger.  

There is another thing that they follow, which is to offer proactive assistance. If a customer is happy, an outbound call can help in discovering their experience. A follow-up call would make this bond stronger. It can translate them into a relationship for a lifetime. Extremely delighted with this gesture, they would make outbound calls more times if they require further assistance.

These aforesaid call services may make it easy to achieve these business goals:

  • Telemarketing
  • Insurance Sales
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Billing Reminders
  • Event Registration
  • Payment Collection
  • Customer Retention
  • Upselling and Cross-Selling

Advantages of Outbound Call Support

  • Up the Scalability
  • Low Operational Costs
  • Generate More Leads
  • Draw Customer Insights
  • Better Customer Loyalty
  • Increased Customer Retention

3). Non-Voice Processes: It implies backend support, which consists of back-office work. Being run in the background, the workforce does not come in the front and interact with customers directly, unlike voice processes. Rather, they approach them through emails, messages, or other online methods. It basically involves computer work to carry out payroll services, data analysis, data entry, IT support or managed services, and many more.

Besides, these processes may include but are not limited to creating reports, preparing spreadsheets of daily sales, and making data entry work, processing particularly via software, such as MS Word or MS Excel. Also, they focus on delivering benchmark quality and a seamless experience.

How does a non-voice BPO work?

As aforesaid, a non-voice process is a job that does not involve any direct interaction with customers. But, the communication goes on via email, live chat, or messaging, but not on phone.

Here, computer-based duties are performed, which include but are not limited to data processing, database work, research, or financial services.  As compared to a voice BPO, here employees have a more stable workday.

In most cases, the employee here should be specialised in any task. He or she should have formal training or a certificate for that task, such as in MIS, data entry, processing, etc. The most common skill needed here is having a good command of an international language. He or she must be able to write solutions in that language. This is really helpful in offering email or live chat support, which lets customers receive the information. 

Advantages of Non-Voice Processes

  • Cost-Effective Support
  • Lowest Response Time
  • Personalised Solutions
  • Multiple Channel Support
  • May Be Automated with Bots
  • Possibility of Backend Analytics

4). Web-enabled Call Center Services: These services require a lot of research and deliver a quick and prompt response. As the name suggests, these services may cover every back-office task related to non-voice support. These can be expressed through the following jobs or services:

  • Data entry Support
  • Mystery shopping Services
  • Webchat & Email Support
  • Quality Analysis
  • Surveys and Market Research

How do web–enabled call centers work?

These are the non-voice call centers where professionals specialised in web-based support services. They remove traditional barriers to collaboration and also, offer people a better way to access information or services.

These processes remove intermediaries, such as wholesalers and retailers from the value chain and also eliminate manual operations. This is how they contribute to improving the productivity and speed of back-office operations. Besides, the availability of information is all-time, which enhances customers’ and suppliers’ relationships.

Benefits of These Processes

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Adaptable to Workloads
  • Greater Availability of Info
  • Lower Development Costs
  • Centralized Security & Privacy
  • Accessible Anywhere at Any Time
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Easy Data Sharing and Collaboration
  • Reduced Hardware Costs or Overheads

Wrapping Up

Using such services gives your in-house team the confidence to focus on the core functions of business instead of focusing on time-consuming business practices like scheduling meetings, Business generation, etc. The list of organizations providing call center services is endless and also a variety of services.