Benefits of Converting Hard Copies into Digital Via OCR

Can a picture be converted into text?

It used to be a big challenge. But today, it sounds a new normal with the OCR technology. It is revolutionary. It always matches the mood of digitization. And, you don’t have to stick around personnel and wait for months to radically convert a hard copy into a digital one.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Simply put, the Optical Character Recognition is the simplest conversion of picture to text, which can be edited and searched. Its system is calibrated to text any picture, enabling it to text mining and translation. The electronically converted scanned copy in the text format is OCR.


Converting Hard Copies into Digital Data
Converting Hard Copies into Digital Data
  • To overcome human error

A human being can make errors. Despite being an efficient data entry staff member, the exhausted demand buries on under heavy pressure to beat the clock. Being on-time makes errors inevitable. It won’t matter how efficient and experienced one is in data entry. The exhaustion does not let his efficiency match 100 percent quality. Even, the overburdened staff could overlook the error of any sort.

This is where the OCR technology rules. Where the risk of errors is on all -time high, it minimizes the human interception over how to collect and interpret the data.

  • Accurate capturing:

Automation has already eliminated the human element and pertaining risks while capturing and processing data. Formatting, typing and quality checks have become easier than saying. It is all due to this incredible OCR technology. Moreover, compatibility does not ground up any complication because this technology accurately captures and transcribes what is in the PDFs or pictured data.

Let’s say, a client has a pile of medical insurance claims for processing. With support of OCR services, capturing the forms’ details and processing claims became like a walkover. The patients got reimbursement against their claim in time.

  • Tailoring to business

Web extraction through APIs is not a dream now-a-days. But, one cannot find an identical frame, wherein any kind of web-extracted data can fit. This diversity is a big bump on the road of consistent data capturing in an intended format.

The OCR technology is not constrained to a specific format. This is why it is compatible with different forms or invoice layout. With this technology, one can guide it through an intended field formats, cross field comparisons and customer-specific rules to proceed in that particular way.

In short, our in-house or non-standard documents can be put in the OCR for conversion into text.

  • Benefits beyond imagination:

There are some benefits topping up the business value if you employ this very interesting technology. You would have the pan data on the screen, which you can quickly optimize in the interest of your business. Simultaneously, you would have every reason to optimise your workforce. Besides, the time dedicated to manual work and processing digital data can be reallocated to augment ROI.

Even, this technology can endure the load of inflated conversion processes, which occasionally happens. You do not need to employ more data entry staff, as this technology has an extraordinary feature. It passively reduces the burden of hiring for being capable of bearing extraordinary workload.

  • Great to go paperless

Basically, this technology infuses ease through scanning, documenting and cataloging information from hard copies. It truly means that the data can now put in the stacks of servers, which eradicates the need to maintain heavy paper-bound files. 

  • Security at par:

Is your any file in your drawer safe? You cannot confirm confidently because any short circuit like human errors or calamity can damage it. On the flip side, the digital data remain safely on the server, restraining them from being stolen or damaged.