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Imagine a weekend walk in Maldives or travel to exotic locations all over the world. Travelling involves visiting places which are far from the place where you live. There are various means of travelling such as roadways, railways, airliners and cruise liners are used to take customers to different shores on the planet. Travelling cannot be stopped, as human beings are curious to know about different cultures and lifestyles of the world. In developed countries, more than 40% of the people travel on an average every year.

The internet is the new information source of the present epoch. The travel industry should have been amongst the greatest beneficiaries of this source. Since the inception of the travel industry, it has aimed in keeping the customer first at all times but the end results have always remained the same. The travel industry must harness optimum results from all new developments and enhance customer travel experience.

Cost factor

There is slow progress, as customers want more adventure in less costs, travelling comes to be expensive. Many tour organizers have shut their services as they struggle to survive in this ever growing competitive market. This industry waits to rebound from its present condition and thrive again. As travelling involves movement on a large scale, travelling could be an expensive affair and customers are not interested to work out too many expenses for their pleasure destinations. There should be unique methods developed to reduce costs as fuel costs are on the rise.

Technology advancements

There need to improvise upon technology which creates excellence customer service. The use of technology in the travelling industry is limited. Customers travel with their smart phones and black berry handhelds application so need to develop much more applications which could assist them in going to a new place.

Social media hype

Social Media is a very feasible way to get connected to the travelers of the world. This heralds a new innovations in customer loyalty, as more than 40% customers were gained from social media sites last year according to a survey conducted by an authentic source in 2012. Blogging and Social Media will increase customer reach which will lead to loyal customers and boost market in base country as well globally.

Technology serves as a base to this Industry. The recent boom seen in Travel is the outcome of innovative developments with which customer gets an enhance experience. We innovate and invent Technology Solutions which produces effective outcomes for our client's businesses. With an understanding of the trends via Market Analysis we do, we know that consumers related to Travel are looking for more and more online solutions.

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