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Survey Data Entry Services

Reading mind of the customers and studying market requirements prepare ground for the business to step on the ladder of explosive growth. Surveys can do it for any entrepreneur in one go. But money, time and above all, patience are the key metrics which make him reluctant to conduct them. Of course, if substantial information is bestowed by them, then surveys should be treated as the golden goose. Conducting them by self is not less than an uphill battle. And entering the outcome in digital format requires profession and old hands. Its ultimate substitute is outsourcing survey data entry services.

Here at Eminenture, we delightfully accept this challenging task. Since their results are long-lived and pivotal in expansion plans, we stay ahead in crafting, designing, printing, mailing and conducting them online. Makeover of verbal communication into digital structure is no brainer for us. Our vetted doctors of data entry make this happen in short span of time. Bundles of data entry survey-handling are their routine work. We conduct oral, digital and paper-based:

  •   Market research survey
  •   Site identification survey
  •   Product/ service satisfaction survey
  •   Annual production survey

Survey design & crafting

Questionnaire and survey forms are designed while keeping in view the prospect of simplicity. Our bespoke surveys are crafted including yes/no, true/false, either-or and Boolean types of answering formats.

Printing & mailing

Our creative designers are dexterous designers who have rich knowledge of colors, prints and font styles. How can envelop be designed cost-effectively is our main idea behind providing this service.

Online surveys

Designing online questionnaire, data capturing, and analysis can be possible through our valuable service.

Survey scanning

Hard copies of questionnaire are compiled for capturing data to put it into the digital format. This we do through scanning of the conducted surveys. It includes OMR (Optical Mark Recognition), OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) techniques for seamless scanning.

Survey data entry

Entering data through applications and authentic software are our updated technology which utilizes XML, MS Excel, Tab Delimited and many more in-budget technology tricks.

Streamlined reporting

Reporting represents what and how you did your data entry job. We streamline your entire data in proper format accurately so that analysis can be derived in minutes.

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