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Books have been a source of information which keeps growing and contributes in developing values in human beings which enhances knowledge of various subjects from science to spirituality. India is ranked third after the United States and United Kingdom in English language publishing which has been estimated at 2 Billion Dollars by market experts.

We have all entered the digital age and this industry needs to evolve to the present change. Publishing enterprises are interrupted with rise of the digital media, search engines especially Wikipedia. Various sprouting social media platforms are available to display content. Smart customers need smart solutions in online or offline content services which are appealing to them and feasible to their pockets.

Digitalization of print media

Readers Digest has 49 editions across the world and has filed twice for bankruptcy in the past, the 91 year old publication has been struggling to cope with the rising costs and post recession effects. Today many publishing enterprises might be experiencing these phenomenal challenges which are cropping up globally. Transformation is required to channel various delivery stations all over the globe.

Engage your customers

Customers need to be engaged in your business through various social platforms .Customer interaction is vital for the growth your publishing enterprise. Customers experience transparency and honesty in the service you are providing them as they share their views on featured media networking sites. Businesses that blog 20 times a month get 5 times more traffic than those who blog less than 4 times or equal.

Optimized delivery

Today's customers use the smart phone, iphone and blackberry handheld. They require knowledge delivery to be seamless and quick. This has popularized mobile content and search engine enabled content at the global level. There is a need to optimize content delivery platforms through unique media tools for seamless delivery.


To advertise your business at the global level, there is need to display your products, pricing and informative content about each product on the website.

Eminenture provides exquisite services in building customized E-Commerce sites for our clients so their customers can access exquisite informative content about all the authors their works and latest books which are available for customers to buy them online. We build and manage website content to help publishers to understand trends in customer behavior, customer history, their choices etc. This also helps the customers to review the books and compare different authors related to the subject on your site. We also offer Industry Specific Research services to know market trends in any situation. Content Digitization and having it online is the new arena which has changed the scenario of the entire industry.

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