Seamless Order Processing is A No Sweat Job for Our Stalwarts

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Order Processing Services

Can you ever imagine how disappointing it would be to lose an order just because of mess-up in its processing? Would you ever like to encounter such situation? Of course, you will never ever want to experience this kind of jolt to your business. Eminenture Pvt. Ltd always resolves and tackling such kind of daunting challenges through its outsourcing. Within no time, we act upon your call for order processing services to let you meet the comfort level.

Outsourcing Order Processing:

We are the one-stop-avenue for order processing in India which put heart and soul from taking orders to final processing. We never let your order disembarking be late. It provides licence to step ahead of your competitors and leap to the top notch. But hollow promises will act as building castle in the air which we disapprove to do. What we do reflects in:

  •   Our efficient delivery within cut off timeframe resulting in more orders.
  •   Out of the box customer support
  •   Running a number of manual as well as automated checks to examine orders and their processing
  •   Outsourcing, which saves on time and cost avoiding overhead expenses to incur
  •   Technical and IT-infrastructural support

What we do:

  •   Order taking
  •   Purchase order management
  •   Customer database management
  •   Wire transfers
  •   Payment by telephone
  •   Follow up with emails
  •   Multiple shipping and payment options
  •   Order fulfillment and status checks
  •   Order fulfillment and mailing services

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How we are the best?

Our workforce, your work

We discard need of recruiting order processing staff as our professionally sound expert team is capable to beat world class standards for seamless services at hand.

Attrition can’t be your burden

Since our access to deft order handlers and resources is unprecedented, so you need not worry about attrition and thereby, loss due to it.

Quick turn around time

We deliver you quality service in time so that your turnaround would be quicker and efficiency will go ahead of time.

Focus on core competencies

Your core competencies may slip to secondary place. But our outsourcing services let you bring them in the centre stage and enhance productivity as well as profitability.

Frequent delivery

Our IT-equipped infrastructure and technically sound manual power induce agility to deliveries and thereby, uninterrupted services come to you.

Confidentiality at par

Our pact with you, professional ethics and IT security disallow to violate non-disclosure agreement and leak your personal as well as sensitive information.

No mess up with invoices

Our invoice data entry services maintain your every invoice and order in proper order. Therefore, no mistake can occur in accounting transactions.

Customer support

Since delivery involves hectic schedules and variety of work, our executive stay in tune with you 24X7 to eliminate any risk of lapsing.