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Offline Data Entry Services

World trade is not the dominion of only big shot enterprises. Small and middle do exist in world trade map. Since resources are limited, they manage limited exposure to online literacy. Accessibility to the global and multinational companies is next to the most difficult dream for them. Technically partial literate, who harness low cost resources, have many years to strike at gold rush. But they sky is the limit. Eminenture Pvt. Ltd. is the well-wisher of such companies which lack technology updates. Being an outsourcer, our offline data entry services help you to have a vested interest in dreaming big and coming into the big picture of world trade.

We are your offline Data Entry Services partner who saves your hard earned money to be spent on overhead expenses of staff. Catering value additions at affordable cost through our data entries is what we look forward. Compromising with quality and accuracy has never been our forte. On the contrary, we love to take you ahead of the pack and beat your competitors in cut-throat completion. Our cutting-edge technology and updated services are unbeatable. The board of Eminenture has professionally and technically skilled manpower to take care of your requirements.

Our jobs profile lies below:

  •   Collecting data
  •   Compiling
  •   Managing
  •   Analyzing
  •   Presenting data in manual form
  •   Data conversion into digital formats (including PDF, Word Document, email list etc.)
  • The services we provide:

    •   Offline Data Entry from mailing lists, websites, image files
    •   Offline Entry of Insurance Claims
    •   URL List Collection
    •   Offline data capture
    •   Offline form filling
    •   E-books entry, business cards entry, catalog and labels entry
    •   Offline entry of data from one version/format to another
    •   Data entry into database programs
    •   Offline data collection
    •   Offline form processing
    •   Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry

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