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Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

Digitization is on the roll. Internet service has shaken things up. Optical Character Recognition or OCR technology is in and giving printed content a new lease of life. This technology is breathing new life into the traditional outlook of printed copies. Scanning produces carbon copy of the scanned image. But with OCR technology, the digitized content goes to the broader platform of internet where millions of its users capture, edit and use it. Eminenture Pvt. Ltd has been helping the world to see the content from different angle through OCR services.

Our OCR experts prove unmatched aide in determining whether the OCR will suit to your legacy project or not. Since scanning an image leaves it full of flaws, like dark image, distorted corners and non-aligned scanning, we deliver you outstandingly cleaned-up polished data. The detailing of manual efforts can be reflected through our dexterous services. The software, we hire, are the latest and finely tuned with technology. Our OCR software produces accuracy and quality work at least of production cost. For making your data proofread, our editors rectify it twice before producing multiple outputs simultaneously.

How We Render OCR Services?

Capturing: The very first step is to copy the data. Our sophisticated scanners or digital cameras help our technology geeks to scan the images and text. They are capable of scanning bulk of data in one go.

Recognizing: Recognizing data follows data capturing. The technology, we use, supports adaptive recognition technology. It enables the processing of data capturing through digital camera. Thereafter, we refine the Unpolished structure of data into digital format for re-usabipty.

Saving: Saving drives the OCR conversion services to the end phase. We save the converted data in the bespoke format which can be PDF, DOC, RTF, XLS, HTML and TXT etc.. Alternatively, we export it to one of the office applications including MS Word, MS Excel or Adobe Acrobat.

Our accuracy meters:

Low: Under this, we provide OCR services with no clean-up and 100% accuracy is not guaranteed.

Medium: Medium OCR service proofreads and removes errors upto 98%.

Full: Under it, all errors are removed to make it accurate and quality document.

Automated: Under it, software picks plenty of data in one go, processes the files and Delivers the flawless document automatically at the end.

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