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ISO 27001:2013


We, at Eminenture Pvt. Ltd., are pledged to endure the responsibility of the I.T. Department dedicatedly to safeguard & maintain confidentiality of centrally or locally or remotely stored pan corporate data and proprietary software systems to avail data & programs relentlessly to all accredited staff members for safe integrity of all data and configuration controls by:

  •    Shielding data from the unauthorized access.
  •    Assuring confidentiality of information.
  •    Ensuring integrity of information.
  •    Fulfilling regulatory & legislative requirements.
  •    Producing, maintaining and scrutinizing business continuity plans.
  •    Rendering information security training to all employees.
  •    Scrutinizing actual and suspected breaches of information security & reporting to the IT or Compliance Department.
This Certificate Authenticates Eminenture’s Information Security Management System (ISMS).

ISO or International Organization of Standardization is an iconic framework that evaluates quality & standard. The community of 163 member nations is actively auditing and awarding the mark of standardization to the seeker commercial units worldwide.

Kudos to Eminenture! We have walked through the ordeal & become an ISO 27001:2013 certified company. However, it has not been long time when we kick-started our professional journey. But our extra ordinary efficacies, dedication, and expertise have achieved us a number of milestones in short interval. Today, we are shining as the rising star in Research consulting, Data Management and Technology services across the commercial landscape.

This certification proves that Eminenture is equipped with concrete, secured, robust and safe information security & management system. People, IT and processes here are strictly systematic that can combat with any kind of risk factor.

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The modifiers that qualified Eminenture in ISO 27001:2013 test


It’s the responsibility of IT team to ensure the non-violation of information. Although it is a big challenge but our IT department has been performing accountably well to keep intellectual property, like copyright, employees’ details or information entrusted to the third party in privy. Securing information and information system with complex passwords, this department has denied every unauthorized access.


Eminenture is big data repository where multi-dimensional data is compiled & processed. Stockpiling voluminous data in a streamlined manner and safeguarding the accuracy as well as completeness of information and its process methods smoothened our way to certification.


Access to information is the right of every employee here. But peeping into another’s information & information system can leak the sensitive data. Our experts have been observing keenly & operating relentlessly to give access of both to authorized users only.


Taming defaulters and defaults is a comfy deal at Eminenture. Its intensively robust & secured IT infrastructure has made it happened. We make sure that the data, transactions, communication or electronic as well as physical documents & their exchanging parties are original & valid.


Our IT experts dedicatedly maintain particular digital records of online transactions & exchange of obligations to ensure the fulfillment of obligations. Their attentiveness for attending normal to critical electronically exchanged mails, information and transactions has made this certification achievable.


Each employee at Eminenture possesses unique identity by name, date of birth and profile. Our IT team initiates creation and maintenance of each identity as mandatory in systematic way. This approach & systematic doing led us to win this felicitation.


Assigning each user his/her unique password and certificate confirms unique identity by using credentials. We have been focusing on authentication to blur the risk of security breaching.

Equipped with server security system, Eminenture has been focusing on privy of the information. Ours is the robust IT infrastructure that denies unauthorized penetration & rejects the entry of defaulters. This is why we are able to emerge as the leading outsourcing company.

United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS)

It is a non-profit-distributing body that works in public interest. It awards certification after scrutinizing the competency level against internationally recognized standards. Judging the duly compliant nature of our company, it accredited ISO/IEC 27001:2013 to us. It is one of the felicitations awarded for secure information & its access."

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