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Invoice Data Entry Services

An invoice carries list of the goods or services purchased. And from small retailers to hotshots, almost every deal requires this valuable invoice. A producer sets its eyes on productivity, distribution and expansion and finds maintaining these models of billing a petite task. But missing such one can bury him under hefty loss. Hence, it is extremely vital and requires monitory resources despite being a small bill.

Our Digitized Invoice Services

  •   Data entry for self-billing invoices
  •   Data entry from hard copies of invoices
  •   Data entry of credit and debit memos
  •   Data entry of sales and purchase invoices
  •   Data entry of pro-forma invoice
  •   Data entry from scanned images of invoices
  •   Time-sheet and statement data entry
  •   Capturing, sorting and indexing of invoices
  •   Scanning hard copies of invoices for data entry
  •   Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry
  •   Invoice data entry into database programs and software ap

    Outsourcing-a wise alternate

    Eminenture has been relieving many companies and organizations by sharing their workload of maintaining bulk of invoices. We proudly serve you all through outsourcing Invoice data entry services.

    Invoice Transformation

    Present trend’s wave goes with digitization. And we, here, do this magical transformation of hard copies to the soft ones of the same. Scanning all the hard copies help in capturing the details into MS Excel spreadsheet. Subsequently, the makeover completes.

    Invoice Segregation

    Segregation is another job of our profile. We collect all ones at one place to put them in the funnel under different yet relevant banners. This is how we effectively classify each to cognize its relevancy to specific subject.

    Invoice Sifting

    As we receive these invoices in bulk, thus need of sorting them all arises. It proves as a handy tool for listing, segregating and maintaining all in effectual manner. Thus, our dexterous of this entry services bring them in proper order. This helps in removing the error of missing out any vital one.

    Cost-effective Invoice Data Entry

    In-house maintenance of invoices can be messy job. You may find it combating with your own tools. Thus, our substitute of cost-effective entries of invoices is here to share your worries. You can save on your hard-earned money for investing them in production.

    Time Saviour

    Digitizing invoices consumes time at initial stage but once, they are done they come out as your cheque to cash. And unbelievably, your precious time gets saved which you can devote on other core competencies.


    Ours is the stately infrastructure equipped with updated versions of high-end technology, application and software. As our arena is technology also, our techies are well off with the vibrant knowledge of latest technology. So, any breakdown, lapsing technology and breaching security of data can never be interrupter in our quality services.

    Bespoke Solutions

    Since we are the team of honed dynamic data entry operators, we serve the invoice in the customized formats, such as HTML, Adobe PDF and MS Word etc.. We deliver you in CDs, pen-drive, emails and secured FTP uploads.

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