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Electronic Document Management or EDM services are meant to elongate and secure the life of an electronic document. Almost all companies or organizations create huge volume of database every day. Emails, documents, excel sheets, images and figures all consist of data which can be food for your productivity. But do you maintain it in streamline manner? Do you find the preferable data instantly? Are you sure that nobody is sneaking in your highly authentic and personal data? Is retrieving the lost one a walk in the park for you? If your answer against the foregone questions is NO, then you are in the need of Eminenture pvt. Ltd.. We help you in managing, creating, collecting, storing and controlling extremely sophisticated, personal and official data within your workflow.

Our EDM services focus on:

Security control: Under the hood of Eminenture’s services, you will never meet any complaint of losing data to hackers, floods, fire, sabotage and decomposition.

Prompts Hasty Search: Our advanced and high-end services as well as capabilities never let you beat the clock in finding the document that you want in a minute or less.

Version control: Our professional techies add your all official documents to electronic document management system. Thereafter, they deliver you a document in which sensitive and essential information, including details of correct version, is mentioned.

Metadata Capture: To make your searching of any document not an uphill battle, we enable you to capture the metadata compatible to your organization for using it.

Integrity: The EDM system that we offer is free open source. Its user friendly interface easily integrates with your existing machines.

Cost-effective: As flexibility reflects in its integrity with your equipment, it costs minimal to you. Hence, your cost of operation never feels over-burdened.

Easy to Handle: It’s free open source. Thus, you can observe how effectively it is making your operations more efficient that before. Just entering an audit code or writing your plugin can let you operate.

Document Management: Accessing information through digital source lets you collaborate with your colleagues or staff members easily and discuss over the similar managed document or projects.

Document Access: Eminenture allows few to hundreds of users view the document simultaneously as we provide instant access of document from system file as well as internet under tight security.

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