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Database Data Entry Services

Making profit, brand-promotions and cut-throat competition keep every business entity busy. But non-core works like emailing, mail-order processing, coupon or card processing, customer support, customer relationship management, order fulfillment, warehousing and product distribution go simultaneously with the web of core competencies. However, the latter non-core works are not meant for business promotion and harvesting profit but they pose the requirements which can't be escaped. Eminenture Pvt. Ltd. has been in the database data entry services domain for years. We know pretty well how to appease and satisfy you by sharing your workload in less time and cost.

Client's Expectations We Meet

  •   Quality
  •   Huge turnout in short span
  •   Affordable cost
  •   Use of ICR
  •   Highly accurate data deliverance with integrated images
  •   Proper management of documents
  •   Security from getting the information breached
  •   Stately infrastructure enticed with IT
  •   Usage of automated order processing system for handling data in galore
  •   Onshore and offshore outsourcing

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How We Do ?

Transition & Integration

  • Conversion of manual interpretation into sorted digital format
  • Craft architecture of our systematic processing, operations and functioning
  • Integrate client’s mainframe application & expectation with our processing modules

Optimal Mix of Accuracy & Technology

1) Meeting client's system functionality step by step Inclusion of ICR, data capturing, front-end interface and image scanning As,

  •   Digitizing product catalog
  •   Digitizing product catalog
  •   Digitizing any kind of hard copies
  •   Insurance claims database' digitization
  •   PDF document indexing
  •   Online data capturing
  •   Digitized databases of images
  •   Ecommerce websites' order entry & follow up
  •   Creating new databases of sales, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services & of service providers
  •   Updating the existing databases
  •   Mailing lists
  •   Data mining & warehousing
  •   Data cleansing
  •   Legal documents
  •   Indexing vouchers and invoices
  •   Online surveys data entry
  •   Ebook & emagazine data entry
  •   Hospital documents data entry
  •   Business card indexing
  •   Import data
  •   Auditing customized data entry
  •   Data entry of birth certificates, municipal records, town records

2) Maintaining higher level of accuracy and quality
3) Satisfactory and timely reporting
4) 24X7 customer support


  •   Huge cut down in operational cost
  •   Enhanced efficiency, accuracy and quality
  •   Huge benefit in less duration
  •   Great experience from client's end
  •   Exporting databases in different formats (MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Fox Pro, ASP, Visual Basics and MySQL)