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Corporate Social Responsibility

Eminenture is passionate about serving people and would like to play a significant role in the local community development. We strive to serve people and transform their lives by creating opportunities for building their skills.


We understand the present challenges related to the environment and deem that we are equally accountable for the present outcome and strive to reduce the impact of our operations globally on the environment. We focus on energy efficiency, waste management, disaster management and practices that help us keeping the environment healthy and clean. We ensure to engage our employees in ecological observance.

Education and training for the underprivileged and the youth is our primary aim. We partner with different NGOs to provide services which will foster healthy families in these local communities. We sponsor the education of young boys and especially for the girl child and work with local communities to spread awareness of healthy living. We also support communities who have been affected by natural calamities such as earthquakes and famines.

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EM green initiatives

These initiatives are the efforts to avoid wasting energy and resources. Our employees have expressed deep concerns for the environment and called upon to take appropriate steps which would material in definite outcomes of saving resources and energy. They come ahead and participate to make this drive successful at organization level.
The knowledge and the skills our employees acquire at Eminenture is channelized in contributing significantly in areas of education, community life and social management. We aspire to create happy and healthy living systems in all communities, wherever we have established our operations at the global level.

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em philanthropy

"Charity begins at home but should not end there"-this idea drove Eminenture to Navjyoti India Foundation . It is where the corporate social responsibility shelters in the face of child education, skill development, women empowerment, community development, environment and model programs. Down-trodden people of our society eagerly wait for the avatar that would come and draw them out of their cursed lives. However, we are not so but we endeavor to keep their hope alive with Navjyoti.
As a Volunteer, Eminenture is immensely proud to take this challenging corporate social responsibility of uplifting those needy brothers and sisters. We stretch our helping hands to them via Navjyoti India Foundation which relentlessly keeps on bringing as well as retaining students, especially girls, in the mainstream education. Voluntarily, we help in carving them into men-of-skills by providing internship for free so that we can gift them their right to education and thereby, right to live. They desire love, care, pamper and respect besides education to survive with self-esteem. And Eminenture contributes to make it happen with proud.
As a Project Board Member of Navjyoti, Eminenture is also lending voluntary help in streamlining data and other technology glitches faced by this foundation.
As empowered women educate the nation, our tie-up with this foundation enables us to be part of the volunteers’ crew. This crew has a spark to trek the community to the path of self-dependency and virtuous life. Addiction is infecting the root of the society and this crew is saving the lives of innocence by its campaign of uprooting it.
Together we can and together we will lead to the prosperous future, this is the bottom line of our CSR.