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Book Conversion Services

Eminenture Pvt. Ltd. is in the business of book conversion services for years. Here, we breathe a fresh life into the existing books which are in the back-list. Alongside, pre-matured books are also nurtured into eBooks. Compatibility shares centre stage when it comes to working with eBook retailers. We can bet on our swift, professional and friendly services.

Conversion of Digital Manuscript

For conversion, our first requirement is your manuscript. We offer you flexible choices to send your manuscript in PDF, Word Doc or InDesign File. Thence, our role begins. We accomplish our task in 10 to 15 days. But this is just an estimated figure of days. The final conversion may take more or less time. It all depends on the size, structure and editing.

Conversion of Printed Manuscript

We welcome the clients who want to digitize their printed version of books. At Eminenture, we emphasize on the standard of accurate scanning to create flawless eBook. We give international outlook to your eBook for making it at hand to the global readers.

How we convert

Price Negotiation
Our deal initializes with the dialog about price of conversion. Your manuscript ideally defines how much will be the conversion cost. Your physical presence is not compulsory as you may send your manuscript on our email.
Finapzing the Deal

Once the pricing is finalized, we ask you to provide us all these:

  •   Final manuscript- You are directed to come with fully edited and proofread manuscript. But one your request, our deemed hybrid authors, self-publishing eBook authors and
  •   Book Cover: We offer pre-designed templates or bespoke templates, if required.
  •   Sales information: We deliver you the title, description and metadata for sales promotion.
  •   Payment Channel: After final words for deal, we issue an invoice which can be paid by any online or offline channel.
Copying & Scanning

Copying is for printed manuscripts. We scan page-wise content of it from the source. The digital format is scanned for further processing.

Scanning Images

If the layout of your manuscript demands layout with charts, images and other pictures, we produce them near to the replica of your source.


Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services take advantage of technology. We bring content into editable format using OCR technology.


For it also, we run an array of manual checks and automation process to make it error free doc. Our geek editors thoroughly proofread it many-a-times before sending it you.


After getting satisfied from our part, we email its final sample in Word Doc to you. On your request, we can send it to you in iPad or PD also.

Your Opinion

We send you the eBook for your nodding. If you have any disliking for images, layout or want rectification, you can parcel your opinion and suggestions on returning the sample eBook.

Additional Charges

Your request for any editing after completion of the whole process will be eligible for addition charges.

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