Why Internet Marketing is the Hottest Trend in 2015?

Why Internet Marketing is the Hottest Trend in 2015?

The hottest trend is turned out as revolution. What other than that of INTERNET MARKETING would be buzzing all around! It’s riding to the top of popularity. Why should I hit the showroom personally if I have online store? It’s my choice to either select one or reject thousands of dresses, accessories & many more things. Why shouldn’t I try window shopping on my smartphone if its access is just a minute away? Wondering, if I have gone crazy putting such questions? This is what the addiction of ‘Internet Marketing’.

What comes under ‘Internet Marketing’ banner?

a) Web marketing (e-commerce websites, affiliate marketing sites, promotional or informative websites etc.)

b) Social Media marketing (viral marketing or ads via Facebook, twitter, YouTube & Digg )

c) Email marketing (e-messages)

How simple is to target traffic via mobile phones! 

Within two decades, mobile phone has made us SMARTER. We all have not one but hundreds of shopping stores inside your 5-inch handset. Credited goes to smarter work! That’s why portable mobile phones are booming rapidly. And the revenue of these mobile companies brings explosive returns.

This momentum will go steady, at least, for next four years. But keep in mind that responsive & mobile friendly websites will be able to preserve space & hence, retain popularity in future.


For getting approval if your site is mobile friendly or not, check it on SERPs. Optimized sites make way to earn intermittent rain of money. So, check out thoroughly.

If your site pops at the top in the organic search result, you need no other medal for your effort then. SEO guidelines clearly cite that the top place in the SERPs is vital for mobile searches since it shows the percentage of first- position clicks.

Shopper’s first choice ‘e-commerce sites’

As compare to the decades of 80s, the number of customers is on blast. But they are no more interested in visiting brick-and-mortar stores. Don’t take it wrong assuming shopping is not their cup of tea. On the contrary, present generation has more shopping junkies. Then, who is banking on them? Of course, these are ecommerce sites that mark 82% of total shoppers! This is what revealed by online surveys.

Who will want to miss to click if it has small, like grocery, movie tickets to huge stuffs like cars, LCD & house etc.!  Just swipe & select through your mobile phone.

Even, these flashing receptive sites on Facebook, twitter or other social networks tempt you to click on its link. With this, you will build relationship with your potential customers without much effort.

Online shopping & revenue going up

Up, up, on the way is the worthy praise for online shopping & the revenue earned. Investment in online marketing is the business of profit only but no loss. You can play on it blindly. And then dollars will wait for no longer to higher your bank balance in short interval.

Gets Chance to interact personally 

The rule of marketing recommends relationship bridging. Customers are next to god for them as they fill their pocket with revenue.

Online interaction has removed the distance barrier. People across the border are not-so-far. So, fetching them to brick-and-mortar is not mandatory now. Just interact with them via social networks, like Facebook, Youtube, Google + etc. & they will be your customers.

Social network is the place where chat-chat & gossips with amazing information go round in the vast social circle. They are the regular visitors there. So, what will be more delighting to get your customer anytime & anywhere?

However, it’s good for just pitching.

More online marketing weapons ‘WOW’!

The following tools of online marketing will equip you with expertise in marketing. This can help you in execution of targeting customers but don’t strategize for you. So think about it.

  • Data
  • Task optimization
  • SEO enhancement
  • Testing information
  • Localization tools
  • Collaboration networks
  • Syndication tools
  • Social media listening tools
  • Social media management apps
  • Marketing automation resources

More resources, more access: 

a) Workforce mobility: As earlier mentioned, place is no barrier, hiring any person for any job can be done with your own mobile while sitting on your home’s couch. You, resident of the US, can hire a Japanese data researcher or web developer. Experienced & fresher workforce is available online & waiting for your calling.

b) Agencies: Many agencies are online available in your service. These are the team of experts & stalwarts. You can keep hesitation aside & handover any of your projects with deadline. It will be done with excellence.

c) Consultants: Consultants for fixing & finding your problems can be accessed through a single click.

d) Information-bank: Just type what you want to know, the gateway to access will have not one but many relevant options. Even, you can share your knowledge part with global village via Blogs, Articles, podcasts, webinars, training videos, infographics, whitepapers, research, tests, statistics etc.