What are Reliance JIO New Plans? Will They Pull Retail Data?

What are Reliance JIO New Plans? Will They Pull Retail Data?

Huge round of applause for Reliance that brought 100 million subscribers on its board recently! It’s the first time in the history that such miracle happened. The CEO of this enormous organization ‘Dhirubhai Ambani’ cheered this occasion with JIO Happy New Year Plans.

Excited to know what are these? Ok, let’s catch the roundup of these plans first and then, move on to comprehend how it can boom retail sector.

What are new plans of Reliance JIO?

Reliance has kick-started its subscription plan from 1st March 2017. JIO users have been enjoying free unlimited data, voice calling and messaging absolutely free of cost from 4th September 2016. However, this offer was valid unto 31st December 2016. But the overwhelming subscriptions motivated Reliance to extend its offers to March 2017. Cut-throat competition with Airtel and Vodafone was another reason to take this decision of extension.

Now, that exclusive offer is about to close since the subscriptions were valid till the end of this month, i.e. 31st March 2017. Millions of eyeballs are set on the Happy New Year plans now.

One week ago, it was just one plan whose monthly tariff was fixed INR 303. But the downpour of such exclusive plans seems unending. It has announced two more plans.

First Plan:

The telecom giant is proving its worth as the best buddy of the subscribers who prefer limited usage of data. The users will get 2GB 4G data @INR149 with no daily cap for the whole month. It means the users can consume as much data as they can daily but upto 2GB.

Second Plan:

The second plan will make the technology professionals gaga. Such users can consume 60GB 4G data @ INR 499 per month. But here, the user must bear in mind that their daily dose of data is restricted to 2GB per day.

The voice calling, video calling and messaging will be inclusive in both plans.

More Plans with Membership Fee   

As discussed with retailers and channel partners, more plans are in its baggage for supporting digitization campaign in India. These plans would prove extremely supportive pillars to corporate sector, especially for retailers and distributors who are acquiring online platform for business.

What make these plans awesome are its longevity and no capping over the data usage per day. By paying INR 99, the subscribers can obtain its membership once for lifetime. But this membership can be reserved till 31st March.

These long duration data plans are given below:

  • For 60 days: 60GB data @ INR 999
  • For 90 days: 125GB data @ INR 1999
  • For 180 days: 350GB data @ INR 4,999
  • For 360 days: 750GB data @ INR 9,999

How would these data-plans help in retail data research?

Can you ever foresee success without jumping on the digitization bandwagon? No, it’s next to impossible because of the footprints of digital platform. A retailer can’t imagine his existence tomorrow if gives cold shoulders to technology and its updates.

Artificial intelligence is incorporated with internet today. Thereby, convenience and escalated speed in every domain are seen in progressive activities of today. But we can’t dream of accessing Internet of Things (IoT), Google’s Home, Oculus Rift and many more such kinds of innovations without internet. The sharp and revolutionary vision of Reliance has brought over 100 million people in the ambit of internet landscape.

  • Enhance digital experience: The aforementioned data and broadband plans & their affordability would motivate small to big retailers to integrate their offline store with internet. It would introduce their retail store to the global community. Thereby, the sales will skyrocket with the efficacies of digital marketing.

Internet allows them interact with their consumers via data. Hiring outsourcing data research for the retail business, they can employ robots that work to dig and analyze real-time data from the end-users to keep watch & detect the quantum of the products consumed. The retailer can also track the glitches that shoot troubles in their popularity.  The smart tracking of the entire trade from the web-analytics will push to great digital experience to both, the consumers and the retailers.  

  • Spike data usage: More usage of data and broadband will create more entrepreneurs. The users will explore new dimensions in their area of expertise.

For example, a shoe retailer can explore the ideas to manufacture complementary goods. After earning handsome revenue, he can plan for expansion through this idea. The more ideas he would explore, the more ways he would get to earn whopping amount as profit.

  • Push data research and outsourcers: Outsourcers push boundaries to deliver their expertise. But by using expensive data plans, their profit margin shrinks. These data plans would prove invaluable to cut on such losses.

Data researchers need not spend their energy & money to fetch data from offline sources. The real-time data would be readily available at the internet. From there, they can configure magnificent ground-breaking business transformation plans.