Website design mistakes that can spoil a website

Website design mistakes that can spoil a website

Appearance does make a difference. Same is the case for websites. A website can be considered as the face of a business in today’s entrepreneurial world, given that internet is becoming a prominent means of promoting your businesses. Therefore, there are few mistakes that should be avoided in the efforts to design an impressive website.

  1. Pattern of displaying essential information:

Audiences like to follow through the information revealed by a website in a typical manner. Eye tracking studies performed several times have accomplished that “F” pattern of presenting relative information should possibly be followed. Therefore, established firms in India offering website designing services are willingly presenting website information in “F” pattern as this is what is most demanded by the audiences. Thus, prefer to start by placing important information at upper left hand corner.

  1. Select a suitable image:

Cluster of images used is likely to impact the response of an audience. Images selected must speak clearly of what products a firm is offering. It must leave a positive impression on a visitor, making him to come back to the site. Images should impart positivity and inspiration. They should induce positive expectations as they do affect a user impression and also a surety to live up to them.

  1. Design a website that would please everybody

There is a category of viewer that can be physically challenged. This user group should not be turned down while designing a website as they form a significant portion of the population that visit your website. Basically, a website should user friendly and not biased towards a particular class of population. A website design should be inclusive, so that everyone could navigate through it easily.

  1. Mind your Color wheel for proper color choice

Amongst those who visit your website, some are also color blind and the most common kind of color blindness is red-green color blindness. Where designers are not aware of this fact, the common mistake made by them is attaching red color to call-to-action items and error messages. Color cues should be cautiously decided.


A flawed website would never receive appreciation that a designer expects it to get. Therefore, a designer has to take care of even minutest of flaws that can bring negativity for the website. In the view of a professional website designer, a website must be designed keeping in view each and every category of visitors that are looking through a website.