Video Marketing Strategy for 2015

Video Marketing Strategy for 2015

Businesses are constantly finding new ways to reach customers and the last year was the year of video marketing and so will be 2015. With fast moving life, rarely do people have the patience to go through textual content and that is where a short and a precise video captivate the mind of the customer.

Social media is where the most videos stand out; giving customers brief view of the product. In less than 30 seconds, a customer can get an overview of the product. Cell phone companies like Apple, Samsung etc. make full use of video marketing, making their product stand out among all and they’re showing the product’s usability, functions and new technology incorporated.

Videos can now be made at cost effective prices with the available technology, especially cell phones. Small business owners can make small videos from their phones and post it on various social media. For instance, a cake shop owner could make a small video of his shop, cakes or give tutorials on how to make cake at home.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is part of digital marketing and so is social media marketing. Internet marketing companies in India outsource these services with expertise from professionals.

But one must use a strategy to make sure the video reaches the viewers and targeted audience. For a cake owner in Brooklyn, there’s no point if the video is viewed by people from Melbourne. So, strategizing is the key to get the most benefit.

Two important strategies for video marketing:


Like all other updates on social media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Videos should be constantly uploaded too at regular intervals. Even out video publishing and it’s best to upload the series of videos or making tutorials. It may seem like you’re passing out your secrets to the, others but it actually makes you appear as if you are an expert in the domain and the domain can be anything from furniture, bakery, pizza, cell phones, sports good etc.

Short Videos

Social media has changed the way we communicate with each other, and videos are a life proof on how it’s changing. Micro video apps have shown a growing trend with apps like Vine which allows 6 seconds of video or Instagram which allows 3-15 seconds of video.

Twitter’s Vine has shown remarkable response from brands and people. Brands like Gap, Sephora, Burberry and Samsung are great users of the Vine app.