User Interface (UI) Trends in Web Designing

User Interface (UI) Trends in Web Designing

Web design is the discipline which is primarily concerned about the design of the website, as the name suggests. It involves various skills, such as technical skills such as command over computer languages like HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash etc. and along with the technical skills, it’s important to have a creative imagination to utilize these skills into something useful.

With the constant rise in technology and demand for internet marketing, more and more businesses are coming online. From small pet shop owners to corporate giants; a website makes your business seem visible. And to build a website, we need two domains: web design and web development. With nearly, 42.3 percent of population in the world is using internet i.e. approximately 3 billion people. So, you can have an idea how many people will have an access to your business website, from all over the globe.

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Web design includes factors such as ‘how the website looks and information present on it’. Some other important factors of designing a website are: accessibility, usability, user-interface, pictures, architecture, front-end and back-end tools, screen resolution, image compression and much more. And all the system needs to work together to make a website effective and look good as well.

Besides integrating all the software programming codes, images and content; ‘User Interface (UI)’ is the integral part of the system. It is how a website interacts with the viewer and the navigation of a website should be in such a manner that it is easy to understand, interesting as well as it should look good.

User Interface trends for the year 2015:

Responsive Web Design:

It remains one of the prominent factors in designing a website. Adaption of websites across different platforms such as desktop, laptop, mobile and tables remains the top priority. No individual likes to constantly scroll, resize across different platforms.

Parallax Scrolling:

It is a special technique used in computer graphics in which background image moves slower than the foreground image and it is another trend which is rapidly growing as it gives a parallax effect which creates an illusion of rich environment. But again, keep it simple, what is more important is the content and it should be in the highlight.

Flat UI Design Inspiration:

Flat UI design, though not a new concept, is making a huge comeback as many websites are simplifying their interfaces to adapt to multiple devices. UI designs are now becoming simpler and flatter through a limited use of gradients, inner shadows and drop shadows. 

Tap and Swipe Friendly Buttons and Icons:

With touch era growing constantly with the increased mobile and tablet users, swiping and touching for the button and icons should be the key focus. UI designer should opt for 16px body font size and 48px wide buttons.

Typography Design:

Typography is of various types and designers should concentrate on simple and bold texts rather than good looking typography.

Large Background Images & Videos:

Another thing that catches the attention of the viewer is the images and video providing relevant information. One best way to go about is to put a large image in the background which covers the screen.