Update Data Entry File in Google Drive without Editing Path

Update Data Entry File in Google Drive without Editing Path

Google drive is a premium free gift of google to carry on multiple functions. Most of the data entry outsourcing companies and organization prefer it to save data entry files. Its exclusive features make it the ultimate choice to secure data here forever.

Its most striking feature is updating the version of the data entry files. But it is not applicable on the native google docs. Suppose a file is saved in this drive. The sharing mode is also enabled. Any update from one user would reflect on the shared drive. But if the change does not reflect, the shared user can login and select the file to be updated. Right clicking on the selected file would provide an option to manage version. Just click and upload new version. It would reflect the updates in the edited file. The similar procedure can be hired for changing the format of data entry projects without editing original location.

This trick has several benefits. The user needs not go through multiple steps of accessing data entry files from different folders for updating.  It implies that the link or path of the original file remains unaffected. Apart from the editing, its format can be changed directly from Google drive. Also, the external tool, like Dropbox, is not required.

Steps to update data entry file:

  1. Access Google drive.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Drag the file into the Google drive to save.
  4. Select it to be updated.
  5. Right-click the file.
  6. Hover over ‘Manage Version’ in a pop up.
  7. ‘Manage Versions’ window will pop up.
  8. Click the tab ‘Upload New Version’.


  • No effect on original path/link of the file.
  • New version gets uploaded.
  • Can download the updated version.
  • No need to have Dropbox.
  • File-format can be changed.