Twitter Is Forerunner in Delivering Breaking News; Mozilla’s Firefox For iOS

Twitter News

Twitter Tops in Giving Breaking News

Twitter has gained popularity as the topmost social micro-blogging site. Pushing all other social networks aside, it has been nominated by 9 out of 10 users in the US as per survey conducted. Tweeting on Twitter is the best part time activity for commoners there. Not only that, they are love with it which is reflected through continuous commenting, posting and sharing breaking news.

¾ fall in the category of the followers of individual journalists, writers & commentators whereas 2/3 are the followers of institutional accounts.  94% of its users get their news updates from their timeline while 34% pick up their news updates from trending news. And 30% find their breaking news from the search results.

The rumour mills spin that Facebook’s Twitter-esque app is in the pipeline. Once it will be launched, the breaking news will be delivered swiftly and easier. It will likely to give competition to Twitter.

Mozilla’s Firefox for iOS Undergoes Beta Testing In New-Zealand

When Google is busy in launching its hierarchy of new internet products and services, how can Firefox navigator stay silent? Mozilla has launched Firefox for iOS but only for getting conclusions of how its responses are. It has to undergo the beta testing first in New Zealand for proving its worth. This is an ordeal for checking its potential either it functions properly as browser on mobile and iPhone or not.

The browser’s beta testing will go on in other countries as well but names are yet to be out. The feedback of this browser will showcase what modifications it needs and what functions are running smoothly over it.

Its Intelligent Search will be checked if it shows relevant search result or not and levels up the expectations of users all over the world. The second one is Firefox Accounts which help you sync browsed history, save passwords and bookmarking across the devices.

Mozilla has Firefox’ launching plan in pipeline and this time, it will be for iOS App Store. The users have to wait till the end of this year for getting its completely new updated version.