Tips to Create Advanced Data Entry Report for Outsourcing

Tips to Create Advanced Data Entry Report for Outsourcing

Generating report has been a tradition in the corporate world. Can you get the crystal clear analysis of what did you do without preparing the report? It sounds impossible, isn’t it?

Report not only includes what objective we achieved but it also depicts the deep insight and dots. Here dots represent the gaps in efficiency and productivity. Suppose the foremen don’t communicate their grievances to their reporting manager. Those grievances paralyze their productivity gradually. Eventually, the production hampers squarely. Isn’t it the biggest loss for the manufacturer? For sure, it is.

Reports are actually the mirror of performance. But the biggies of corporate world consider them the weapon that empowers to decision-making.  However, data entry is assumed as copying and pasting. But indeed, it’s more than that. It’s a daunting challenge to pick up, filter, cleanse, format and compile in comprehensive manner. This challenge ends with the report-making.

Not just any but effective report can boost up comprehensibility. Let’s catch on some viable tips to draft a glitch-free data entry report.

1. Pre-Set Goals: Setting goal is an easy task but when it comes to achieving, it seems no less than an uphill battle. Coming out of this complexity is no big deal. Doing SWOT analysis can prove a smart work to solve this puzzle.

Identify your team and yours plus and minus points.  This move would let you know your master skills and the weak areas. Set your goal, let’s say, fetching 500o email contacts of UK doctors in a week. Make a list of duties, like researching resources, extracting data & making digital entries, corresponding to the skills of your staff. Call on the veteran to find the shortcuts of meeting data entry projects. And there, you win!

2. Communicate to know the exact need: How do you feel when you ask for apples and the fruit-seller serves you bananas? Rise of impulsiveness is obvious. And that bitter experience would always take you to the different seller. Likewise, what data you cater may mismatch the requirement of the client. The dots in communication translate in to hefty loss. Would you ever like to bear it?

So, comprehend all queries or requirements of the clients intensively. Don’t live in fool’s paradise while creating false estimations!

3. Educate the staff: Your skill needs polishing. Sticking to traditional methods of web scraping values as a crap. Enhance it rather to boost up efficiency level.

Is it possible for an organization, let’s say a data mining organization, to get exhaustive number of leads and their conversion with rotten data-mining methods? Innovation is around to accelerate the trend of automation. And this is the best method of data mining to deliver voluminous data in short span. Therefore, bet on education through workshop. Demonstrate updated versions of data mining tools to equip your data entry staff with advanced skills.

4. Stress on accessibility: Accessibility is the final stage of data-entry projects. However, hacking is prevalent so are the encryption methods. By encryption, the sensitive data can be made inaccessible to the unauthorized personnel.

What about the authoritative personnel? Inaccessibility can deter their work efficiency. So, emphasize on checking and re-checking of the compiled data entry sheets with hawk-eyes. Don’t forget pre-running the final sheet before forwarding it to the client.

5. Format in comprehensive style: Data-visualization is the best trick of demonstrating excellent report. If you find it fatigues to put data in the frames of chart or graphs manually, go for automatic tools. Bet on pre-defined templates to put in data for enhancing comprehensibility. Make it fit to mobile-frame so that the client can utilize on mobility through remote access.