How Technology has Impacted India’s Economic Growth?

How Technology has Impacted India’s Economic Growth?

Technology is the primary factor in improving a nation in every aspect related to its economy and livelihood. India has been gradually growing in technology however the increase in spending power among the Indian middle class has also accelerated the rapid adaptation of diverse technologies. (For more information about Technology & Business Transformation, You can read our Blog – Role of Technology in Business Transformation)

The immediate Technological changes that are noticeable and have impacted India are as follows

Mobile Internet

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Mobile Technology has taken an aggressive step in terms of the number of users in India which constitutes 10 percent of world population with more than 900 million people using the electronic device.  There is an expected growth of more than 20 percent in usage of smart phones which might reach up to 3 million by 2015. If you consider mobile advertising, it has grown to 96 percent which double growth since the first half of 2012.

Mobile tailing or purchase of products on mobiles has reached to more than 11 percent in India, which is projected to grow quickly.

Cloud Computing

The technology in cloud has grown drastically in diverse fields such as biomedical informatics, huge virtual space management, business analytic etc. Growth has been phenomenal and traditional IT operations will not work as cloud technology is enhanced within a few years.

cloud computing process

Recent top largest databases on the World Wide Web are Amazon, Choice point and Sprint which are measure in terabytes. Google comes on fourth position; AT& T comes at 5th position.

Consider this, more than 90 million searches are accounted per day and countless profiles are created every day for the same. Cloud technology has a significant progressive contribution in the business of every enterprise in India as well as in abroad.

Automation Knowledge

There are new ways through technology to engage the bright and the talent pool of workers. Online talent sites such as O desk and eLance which help organizations identify workers with the needed skills and engage them in productive work. These sites are known as talent clouds which are commonly used in the execution of projects related to market research, Business marketing, design etc.

Cutting edge technology has impacted all industries in India with cloud computing and automation knowledge creeping into every sector of the world. This has broadened many expectations from enterprises to adapt effectively to the changes innovation in technology.