Strategize your business to make it more fertile

Strategize your business to make it more fertile

Your much worked upon business idea may end up on the verge of extinction if contingent business strategies are not brought forth. A successful business idea is an outcome of well formulated business strategies. Entrepreneurs often get confused between strategizing and tooling. And then, they end up believing that using tools like SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, consumer analysis, finance modeling and so on, to foresee the big picture as devising strategy for their business idea. That being said, strategizing is about reaching out for that big picture.

Professionals working for major business research service provider companies suggested for the purpose that every entrepreneur must try to answer the following questions:
1. What are the goals and aspirations they want to carry off and measure the progress accordingly?
2. Among potential domains which one do you opt to work for?
3. Once the domain is chosen what all can be done to surpass the competitors?
4. What capabilities one has to build on to keep up the much desired win?
5. What management and technical systems are necessary to be installed for maintaining the abilities to win?


These questions are integral to be replied for reinforcing the desired strategies, which brings us to considerations for disruptive strategizing.

1. Assess technology specially the one working for unrelated industry: a possibility can occur that a technology that has been serving a totally unrelated industry well for long time can revolutionize your industry.

2. Squeeze out the profit from first mover advantage: being an early beneficiary of an innovative strategy is the key to success.

3. Keep a close eye on your competition: observing the your competitor’s course of business action like a hawk can be of help in anticipating their plans and forming your own, to gain an edge over the adversary.

4. Try to catch the pulse of your potential buyers: involve yourself into free conversations with a small market segment. Chase your target market through surveys and questionnaires in order gain suggestions and feedback.