Stop SEO – Go with URO!

Stop SEO - Go with URO!

Over a million of updates in SEO have been followed by SEO optimizer and still going on! Somehow, optimizer get frustrated  by updates as Google Panda and Penguin,  HummingBird, PA or DA updates, etc-etc. These updates are not less  than penetratingly knifes who points to single optimizer every time. So, what’s new We are going to introduce in this blog? Well, here the concept comes on ‘SEO vs. URO’.

Instead of itinerant to promote conspicuous short keywords and to brand your services to online market, We prefer a measly word that do not make your brand traffic elongation only but make it renowned among relevant business criteria as all. Welcome to naming ritual of online marketing i.e. URO (User Relevant Optimization).

Now the question arise, “Why URO? When already have an existence of SEO”.


Let us clear you, as most of SEO optimizer still going with the same techniques as: Guest Blogging, Article Submission, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission, Business listing, etc. Well, the actual factor is, these all OFF page processes became old but still in trend with the help of content marketing because of back-links growth. Getting heap of back links doesn’t mean it’s adequate to increase user engagement (though most of back links can be created artificially).

What Next?

Now, We are going to open the secret but first discuss on two points. Well, entire SEO nodules based on two questions:

What is your Business Category?

In which market/business criteria you are going to target your customers?

Online SEO campaign put forth the strategy through above questions. Important point is to know about your business category so that it’s easy to get visible in front of targeted audience. We are going to clear you by an example:

Suppose your business category is advertising and you gonna target your audience by getting back links in social bookmarking, article submission and other submission websites then believe us it’s all your wastage of time. What we concern personally about category point is if there is an advertising category work portfolio executes around photo-shoot and graphic designing then its pretty better to promote in direct market (a market where you are presenting your business directly in front of customers). Direct market promotion can be done by postings, hoardings and few other promotional points over there.

Case Study of Subject is Necessary

Advertising flowcharts adhere following concept:

“Photo-shoot -> Scavenging of Image -> Image Design -> Posters, Catalogue & Brochure Design -> Promote your Services”

This was the first phrase of promotion level. Now we come to Second phrase of distinctive category point. When I retract advertising domain to online market, I supposed to go for landing page at first because advertising domain needs innovative ideas. Moreover, there are so many examples of various categories such as Research analysis that need an intensive study of business and market analysis.


The objective of this concept is only one; there is a huge need of proper case study about subject category. Through Research and analysis of your subject you can set your goals and focus on relevant visitors. URO is nothing but a process to make your business alive so that investment will not let down. Although this point can’t be neglected that back-link section is mandatory but at the end of the result will really a hoard of Back-Links help you to gain relevant traffic boost? Just Think about it!

Summarize the main Headlines:

  • Category and Targeted Audience should be relevant.
  • Focus on user priority at first.
  • Do category wise promotion (Depend what your Business category is)
  • Deep Case study of your Subject
  • Focus on Social Media Factor