Social media marketing-an emerging trend

Social media marketing-an emerging trend

Facebook and LinkedIn are not just a route to build connection. Business organizations are launching their promotion through these social media sites. They bring in profound opportunities for entrepreneurs, also globally. Intragram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Tumbler, Whatsapp or other such app do not lag behind anymore. In fact, Google will now allow marketers to run internet ads that will extend consumers to pages directly into mobile apps. This is how Google will be able to arc over the gap between websites that have long underpinned the online search and increasing in number, standalone, mobile apps.

Actually, SMM is quickly and promptly, emerging as trend under search engine marketing. While large organization are using proficient social media marketing services to promote new ventures or expand existing ventures, small scale firms are using Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter or any such site expeditiously, as it would save their time and costs. They believe that, it easy to update social media page than a website. Constant Facebook updates or on any other social platform help drive the niche traffic towards your website.


Report released by social media examiner reveals the data on how social media is of great benefits:
• 89% of the marketers truly believe that SMM has brought more exposure for the businesses.
• 64% observed that more leads are being generated by using it for 6 hours or less a day.
• 69% marketers rely on it to gather market place trends and intelligence
• 62% entrepreneurs have witnessed rise in SEO and SMO ranking over past two years.
• 62%businesses have experienced reduced marketing expenses.

Upraise your audience base by encouraging the use of social media marketing. Adding SMM to the marketing plan will leverage your sales lagged behind.