Social Media Data Extraction & Mining for Healthcare Industry

Social Media Data Extraction & Mining for Healthcare Industry

Big data is the most buzzing word today. From politics to a layman, from corporate biggies to small fish, the demand has data at the foremost position. Won’t you believe?

Ok. Don’t you look into the ingredients before ordering a pizza? Don’t your eyes search the data of the constituents whereby the selected product is made up of? Those are all data. But here, we are emphasizing on its bigger vitality.

Wanna know what’s that? It’s the meaning and value that is trapped in the crude big data. Many of the data analysts filter it out. Why? It is just because the patterns and classifications are trapped in the data that have efficiency to become a trend.

The massive volume of big data funnels out of social media. If we talk about Twitter, it alone occupies the space of 100,000 tweets every minute. And Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content in every 60 seconds. These are just two channels of data production. Now speculate how massive would be the size of big data.

Collecting relevant data:

Erstwhile, emphasize was on the collection of data. But now, it’s shifted to the relevancy metric. Let I spotlight more on the relevancy factor.

Let’s say healthcare industry of Australia scraped data to research the treatment patterns. These patterns were drawn from two perspectives (i.e. from doctor and patient’s point of view separately). The data was segregated into various sections like equipment used, treatment methods, and patients’ requirement and so on. It revealed that the hospitals & clinics had lags in the usage of IoT and technology utility. This is why it performed like an underdog amongst all sectors in the economy.

This research conveyed a clear message that quality of data (due to relevancy) has an edge over quantity (i.e. big data). Only relevant data hides practicality. And this practicality is sifted through deep analysis to catch insight. This is what data mining or data extraction implies.  This method provides hidden patterns of buying abilities, treatment methods and many more ones.

Why do we need data mining or extraction for healthcare industry?

Millions of Australians, let’s say, have advocated for the introduction app system in the healthcare industry. The social media chats, reviews, comments and feedback on the Facebook and Twitter account of various hospitals depicted this intension of in patients and out patients. When an expert outsourcing market research organization walked through the analytical report of social media data extraction and mining, it sounded negative.

Further, it added the predictive analysis that recommended the use of app functionality and ePOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system in the hospitals and clinics. In the outcome section, it mentioned the forecast of its positive impact which would reflect through the accurately programmed execution.

For example, a hospital installs ePOS. From the very first day, the transaction system would notice quick processing. Even, the queues at medicine counter would be trimmed. And, the patients’ data would be automatically fed to the dashboard of that POS system.

Later, the owner can remotely access each and every patient’s data for deep analysis. This insight would be a handy tool to derive loyalty programs for the patients. The input data would be an effective source of predictive analysis. On its basis, trends and values can easily be blueprinted logically.      

How does social media data extraction value to derive shopping patterns?
It’s only the game of recommendation that the data provides silently. Let’s consider an example.

An official page of a gym has countless compliments for the recommended protein diet. That diet comes from a reputed brand that manufactures health drinks to build strong physique.  All these comments have the authenticity.

After analyzing the comments and reviews, the manufacturer can incorporate that protein diet into an eCommerce shopping platform.  By choosing the Facebook ads for its launch, he can set it as a trend for the body builders and health conscious people. The response would spotlight all ins and outs along with the customers’ expectations. Thereby, the prospective trends would be easily drawn.

In the nutshell, data has the value; it has buying patterns; it has the prospective reasons to grow. Only relevant and excellent market research can extract authentic needs and requirements. Later, its predictive analysis would set up the future journey of the brand.