Simplest Tricks to Recover from Google Penguin Attack

Simplest Tricks to Recover from Google Penguin Attack

Penguin is Google’s arm that attack on black hat SEO tricksters. The search engine’s vocabulary terms it as link schemes. Backlinks are a key to push the traffic rate on a website. Some webmasters call black hat SEO tricks to manipulate ranking artificially. However, the traffic appreciates very quickly through link building scheme.

As per Google’s projections, penguin casts impact on 3.1% websites in English, 3% in German, Chinese, Arabic and other languages. Since 24 April, 2012, upto six penguin updates have been rolled out. Its current version is Penguin 3.0.

Reason for Google Penguin attack:

  • Over optimization of Anchor text
  • Low quality backlinks
  • Link relevancy
  • Outbound link quality
  • Link pyramid
  • Broadcasting duplicate content via subdomain
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Automating queries to Google via software
  • Virus-affected or spammy website
  • Affiliate website with low quality content
  • Hidden links and text
  • Over optimized SEO

How one can track penguin attack?

  • Sudden drop in website’s traffic on Google analytics indicates penguin attack.
  • A formal notification from the Google itself in gmail also reports its attack.

Remedies of penguin attack:

Enhance anchor text distribution

One should target pages through different anchor texts. Some webmasters use proper keyword in anchor text. They find it an effective gimmick to invite traffic. But it’s a big error when they repeatedly use the same anchor text for varied backlinks. So, modify anchor text every time while creating a new backlink.

Stop low quality link scheme:

Incoming traffic from irrelevant websites points to spammy link. Blindly building links is perilous. It makes the website more prone to penguin attack. Remember, the best seo services facilitate link building at the high authority website. But the linked website should be relevant in terms of subject. Guest post should be published on the relevant website only. For example, if I want to have back links through NRI post on my NRI-based website, I must submit it to the NRI-based website.

Stop keyword stuffing:

Keyword stuffing dilutes the quality of the website. As per Google Panda, keyword density is fixed to 3%. But keeping it restricted to 1.5% can be more fruitful. Use LSI words for hiking ranking overnight. For  WordPress, Easy WP SEO pluginis considered as the most convenient option for proper optimization of the website.

Be informative:    

Low quality or thin content is hazardous from SEO’s point of view. Try to create genuine content that carries information. Use H1, H2, H3 and so on tags for propagating presentable content.

Avoid SEO automation:

Don’t trap in illicit cyber crime of using auto-generated content. Using Web Position Gold for auto generating query to Google is a punishable offence. So avoid it and create more infallible content for onpage optimization.