Simple Hacks to Tackle Difficult Data Outsourcing Problems

Simple Hacks to Tackle Difficult Data Outsourcing Problems

Can you ever judge the efficiency of any person blindly? It’s not possible. You can’t premeditate what’s inside the wrapper. You have to unwrap it to catch its insight. Therefore, the outbreak of fear is obvious when you hire virtual assistance from overseas. But the road to success begins when you come across that fear.

Let’s catch on what type of fear springs up when any organization thinks of deploying an outsourcing organization for data management or any other services; how you can alleviate them.

  1. Bearing the burden of hidden costs: Employing any outsourcing Company for processing data raises several questions. Hidden cost is the most prominent out of them. It refers to the charges that are difficult to notice but included in the basic pricing.

Suppose outsourcing data extraction company exported 500 email Ids of hotels in New York but 50 out of them were found inaccurate. But the recipient was slapped with the cost of all records. However, only 450 ids were accurate. Therefore, the cost of 50 unviable ids would be considered as hidden since they were unproductive.


  • Preplanning can let you put off the burden of extra cost bearing.
  • Share your goals and objectives along with the timeline for accomplishing.
  • Keep the communication on for dispelling any doubt and lingering hindrances.
  • Ask to export data in chunks rather than wholesome compilation.
  • Verify the sent data by deploying your back office team & evaluate the accuracy. Thereby, you can easily cut on hidden cost.             
  1. How to select outsourcer: Fear grips automatically when it’s your first encounter with the third party assistance. The sword of suspicion always lingers on when you deliver data that creates leads, sales and boom ROI. You did not witness his efficiency and skills practically. Therefore, you tend to take precautions before shaking hands with him formally. To kick the doubt out while hiring the progressive outsourcing organization for data processing or technology services:
  • Use your brain & spy on the previous works of the chosen outsourcing company.
  • Look in to its experience and find out the success stories it created.
  • Scrutinize the truth of testimonials. Ring to the former clients of the same and scrap the truth of the company.
  • Estimate the barriers in translating your queries while communication.
  • Identify whether it is ready to collate with your team if required in future.
  1. Gap in skills: It’s obvious that you would employ third party assistance that is skillful and experienced. You need expert data solutions; want quality with impeccability. Only skilled professional has the efficiency to answer these queries.  So, before employing any outsourcer,
  • Make sure that you have a few brainy professionals that are perfect by skill.
  • Cross check the accuracy of the delivered data without getting delay.
  • If possible, deploy tools to automate cross-examination.
  • Reduce the skill gap while discussing the flaws of data chunk through relentless communication.
  • Maintain the electronic copy of flaws and their solutions to overcome them if persist in future.
  1. Security: Data has sensitivity that makes it eligible to be stockpiled confidentially. Protection of data processing leads through security wall is better than curing cyber-hacking. Before hiring the third party, complete the homework of your part by:
  • Check he history of the data vendor if it has the security issue.
  • Check if the vendor has procured the International Certificate for Data Privacy.
  • Limit the authority of data-access to a few reliable hands.
  • Secure the access through password and antivirus.
  • Secure data through encryption method if it is accessed by the unauthorized hands.