SEO role for Search Results and Website Promotion

SEO role for Search Results and Website Promotion

Search engine optimization is a process which comprises of many functions. Each process has a particular function in the search engine and website promotion. Search engine promotions include four aspects:

  • ON PAGE and

All above points directly impact a Website to stand out in Market (according to category). Basically, each and every SEO expert keeps these things in mind, when he takes care of a newly commercial website.


So, what new I want to tell in this Blog?

According to Matt Cutts (Google Web Spam Head), “only a quality SEO with quality content will not provide you sufficient & revenue results but few other factors such as: Social Media, Domain Trust of Website, User Interactive Concepts & product direct branding in the market are important techniques you should execute together”.

Humming Bird: What actually it is?

Other than Search engine optimization there is hummingbird which allows Google search engine in improving semantic searches for your website. Hummingbird is based on the new algorithms for Google. I had defined already about Humming Bird

Social Media: A Real Source of Huge Traffic & Conversation

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Social media is one is the biggest factors responsible for direct consumer interaction as the people what to give their opinion about the services and products they have available through the business. Social media marketing is one of the biggest phenomenal which has lead to maximum lead generation. This is known as social media optimization.

PPC: Cost Effectiveness with Unique Visitors

Pay per click services is about all advertising your websites. The services include competitive keyword research integration, Google ad words, and display and text ads. These services help in generating maximum traffic for people.

Factors which affect page rank

The factors which might hinder in ranking your websites are as follows:

  • Website domain age
  • Where is your website hosted?
  • Which type of Universal Resource Locator structure you have followed?
  • Internal link structure
  • Bounce rates
  • Outbound links

Information Snippets

They are known as rich snippets but we have termed it as information snippets if your content is comprehended by Google. Snippets are created with an intention to help online customers to assist them with the queries they search on Google for example if you are have a small catering business a snippet might show the image of your catering firm or the average prices of your recipes etc.

Quality Content Management

Content creation is a substantial process to attract potential customers and clients for your business. Quality content which carries relevancy in the competitive internet market, for online users to spend time reading your content on your website, social media sites and gain genuine leads to earn higher revenue.

The key for an excellent experience in content marketing is that your content is viewed by as many online users as possible. Here are some of the techniques which is used for content marketing.

Guest postings, forum and commenting on blogs, articles which are published on diverse social media platforms, discussions on forums such as Yahoo answers, Drupal, opera etc. Spend your money on the right areas for branding your online presence. Invest in social media marketing and ad words campaigns on social media sites such as Facebook etc.

Long Tail Keyword Usage

Be updated with the latest trends in keyword research, long tail keywords are popular. Use these words makes Google search yield better results whenever online users search a service or product related to your line of business. It’s easy to find actual graph of keywords in KEYWORD PLANNER.

Search engine Optimization is one of the known techniques to rank or promote you website and services online, it is not the only tool to for branding your online presence effectively. The above mentioned techniques constitute the latest internet marketing trends which are being followed to get optimum results for your website.