Scope of the new dawn in e-commerce marketing

Scope of the new dawn in e-commerce marketing

Ecommerce marketing has been reinvented and is in demand to satisfy the need of today’s customers. Earlier there was no way by which you could gift your loved ones a precious token of love without spending your time at a gift shop gallery going through every item and select the best from the available products. This took a lot of your time and even got you exhaustive.


The growth of e-commerce has made millions of lives easy, for those who want to shop for themselves as well as their loved ones without losing on time and get those products at your door step at cost-effective way.

E-commerce marketing has transformed itself from companies in the Indian sub-continent, just focused on online matrimonial and job portals and classifieds. Earlier the e-commerce service was limited as it was in the innovative stage.

"By the end of the 20th century and the PC entering every customers home globally, there has been a transformation of the eCommerce sector in the recent times. E-commerce after 2009 onwards was in a stage of consolidating itself."

The rise of the social media has a lot to be credited for bringing this sector towards a stage of reinventing itself as the times have changed and the customers have become more online conscious. The social media has provided various opportunities for consumers to reach to their favorite e-commerce site and buy products online. They also write about their experience of shopping online with a particular online store.

As technology and innovation is increasing , in today’s age web based companies are reaping the benefits offered through the World Wide Web as innovation and technology has captured the imagination of today’s consumers they want services which can be delivered without consuming their time and give them excellent customer satisfaction.


Ecommerce has evolved from being just being restricted to a few services like online ticketing has grown into other avenues, as the demand for ecommerce has risen phenomenally. You can have your own online retail store fashion clothing, computer hardware and software products, FMCG, electronics, Books, sportswear, sports accessories, fashion, etc.

Online E-Commerce sites in India are eBay,,,,,,

In US, the e-commerce industry has grown huge with 200 billion dollar market and even growing at the rate of 25 percent by 2015 it will thrive with high profits.

The top ecommerce sites in the US are Symantec, AutoZone, US Auto Parts, Cabala’s, American Eagle Outfitters, Sears, Wal-Mart etc.

We could have gone on with the list of these e-commerce sites. Ecommerce provides people and business entrepreneurs a cost effective way to sell, reach and display their products to their customers efficiently and as technology improves it is even going to grow even further.