Revolutionary Shifting From Offline to Online Data Entry Services

Revolutionary Shifting From Offline to Online Data Entry Services

Changes blow horn for revolution. It means a complete makeover is about to knock at your door. Outsourcing and offshore data entry services took birth from the revolution in services sector. Who might have guessed that an idea of outsourcing would click perfectly? But it happened indeed. Proving its worth, it invited smashingly hit formula of Data Entry Services. And Internet services are worthy to get salute too. With it, demand of outsourcing is on everyone’s lips. Like Eminenture, so many outsourcing companies have started stretching wings to these services.

Days have flown away when data entry used to seem burdensome task for any business or trade entity. The organization had to deal the puzzle-like gigantic data for converting & processing it. Consequently, Data Entry staff and its expenses were to bear by it. Thanks to Online Data Entry Services that came for takeover & have completely swiped that hand-written data entry practice. And for more, outsourcing has come to kick a nasty blow to in-house Data Entry Services too. Outsourcers work as ‘perfectionists-at-work’. Quality, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to meet deadline have put Outsourcing in the list of ‘hit’. And online services are pushing it to lead the Data Entry Services & enabling to store long, archive or volume data projects.

Let’s interact with its features:

  • A network of vetted professional data entry operators
  • Streamlined or much organized data entry work
  • Suits on & offshore outsourcing
  • Availability of error free data
  • Customised formatting, conversion & data processing
  • Meet the deadline
  • Cost-effective
  • High Quality Service
  • Rigorous testing, retesting & cross-examination of data
  • Guarantee of trimming large data to short
  • Maintain security check to restrict hacking of data

Have a look at its dependable client support through these online data entries:

  • Product catalogs
  • Data entry from hard/soft copy to any database format
  • For e-books & e-magazine publications
  • For keeping hospital records, patient notes & records, accident reports & medical claim forms
  • Insurance claim forms
  • PDF document indexing
  • Data capturing
  • Images
  • Order entry and follow up
  • New databases creation; updates of existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services and service providers
  • Web based indexed document retrieval services, tools and support
  • Maintaining mailing lists / labels
  • Data mining
  • Data cleansing
  • Audio transcriptions
  • For legal documents
  • Indexing of vouchers and documents
  • Hand written ballots/cards entries
  • Recording Surveys forms
  • Recording customer feedback
  • Business card indexing and maintaining
  • Custom data export/import Interfaces with audits
  • Bonded mail handling cash, credit and cheque processing
  • Handing entries for product registration cards
  • Shipping documents entry
  • Subscriptions entry
  • Listing credit card applications
  • Coupon redemptions recording
  • Converting hard copies to soft copies of data
  • Receipts / bills entry
  • Formatting for any type of data
  • Content conversion
  • Electronic bill of lading (e-BOL) generation services for logistics and shipping companies
  • Transcription & translation of foreign languages