Periscope: New Live Broadcast Video App by Twitter

Periscope: New Live Broadcast Video App by Twitter

What is Periscope?

Periscope is Twitter’s innovative way to help you connect to the world. After recently enabling video posting on Twitter; they have launched a live-streaming video app ‘Periscope’. Everybody is talking about these amazing applications ‘Meerkat’ and ‘Periscope’; both live-streaming video apps but different from each other.


Periscope enables you to watch live videos from all across the globe, and also allows you to broadcast video all over the globe. It means, the next time you visit the Grand Canyon or you decide to visit the TajMahal, you could show it to many people along with you.

One noticeable difference between Periscope and Meerkat is that Periscope saves the video after broadcasting. You can view them for up to 24 hours; Meerkat’s live video disappears after you’re done with the broadcast.

How does it work?

Periscope is introduced in iOS platform devices only i.e. iPhone and iPads. Live feed can be seen through smart phones, desktops or laptops either through the app or on Twitter’s site.

You can look at the current broadcasts or browse live streams by touching the TV icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.