Search Engine Marketing: Optimization vs. Paid Services

Search Engine Marketing: Optimization vs. Paid Services

With Google changing its search results algorithm, the SEO services need to refresh their ideas. But most of the marketers are now reluctant to invest in SEO because getting your web page optimized has now become a more intricate as well as difficult task. You can no longer fool Google by increased volume of keywords as that concept is now on the verge of vanishing. The quality and freshness of your content determines to a large extent where your page ranks on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). To curb this complexity in search engine marketing, businesses are now relying more on Pay per Click (PPC) advertising.

The question which then arises is how to choose between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC)? PPC is easy to create, fast to deploy and has immediate effects and guarantees a position on the SERP. But the problem is that it proves to be much costlier than search engine optimization.

According to a research by Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, the budget required for PPC is 10 times more than that for SEO, mostly because you need to involve search engine marketing services to carry out the advertising efficiently.

Basically, SEO is a long term plan. Although it takes a long time to optimize your website properly, the efforts are not fruitless. Once optimized, your website would spend a substantial time on a higher rank. Compared to that, PPC only helps your site get displayed on the first page for the time you pay money. PPC is extremely beneficial in tackling keywords. For example if your website lacks the proper keywords or you want to target generic words like used cars, hard disks etc, it is a good idea to prefer PPC. But Pay per Click advertising becomes too evident on the search results by getting the tag of an ‘ad’. Due to human psychology, users are reluctant to click on the links, which means all your expenditure may lead to nothing.

So the question of the choice remains unanswered. The best plausible solution is to form a plan which includes both SEO and PPC. SEO services in India strategics effective plans of search engine marketing. They suggest using PPC at the beginning of a venture to get the much needed traffic right at the start. Following that you can optimize your website by the standard procedures.