Now Google Starts Blocking Access to Paid Keywords Data

Now Google Starts Blocking Access to Paid Keywords Data

Google is increasing to block access to paid search. Until now, the Google Adwords advertisers have gotten complete access to keywords data, whether its through Google itselfs or through one in all the third party tools victimization the API for this data.

When Google move to secure search result and effectively turned off the flexibility for webmasters to understand precisely that keywords were driving organic traffic to their web site, succeeding obvious question was when hit Adwords advertisers, and the way Google would handle it.
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Some felt it had been standard, wherever AdWords need to continue with their keywords whereas organic didn’t.

However, while the loss of this data would be felt and has mostly been expected by the modification is not as doomsday as some are creating it out to be. The impact with the loss of organic keyword data was considerably bigger.

Advertisers can still have access to keyword data among the Google AdWords dashboard, its not a case wherever advertisers would be flying blind without any data in the least. Advertisers who do not use a 3rd party management tool possible will not notice a distinction, other than potentially wanting to utilize AdWords tags if they are not already.