All new camera app by Google

All new camera app by Google

Our smart phone and android devices which are now a days a pool of distinct apps will now experience a new camera app recently launched on the play store by Google. This new camera app will usher all new fun features and a unique and awesome photography which will increase your involvement with your android device even more. App developers have exhausted almost all the innovation sectors and developed some idiosyncratic apps, whilst camera and photography area faces an aggressive competition from the counter parts. So camera megapixels are software Tweak Company should lay its focus on.


Google camera app user may be surprised to experience an extra-large capture button which will facilitate quick, easier and sharper photos. Let’s throw some attention on the goodies of these apps which might encourage a comparison between Samsung, HTC and LG camera lens.

The layout

While shooting you will notice how clear and simple the full screen user interface is. The app itself ‘get out of the way while capturing and enables to you to preview almost every single pixel of your picture, saving it for small, half-transparent menu button in the bottom-right side of the viewer.

Lens blur

This is a latest feature to the Google Nexus device which will produce beautiful and eye catchy blur effect either on the foreground of the background.

Video orientation warning

Google perhaps does not like to see videos uploaded on you tube being shot vertically instead of horizontally. So, here it is, the video orientation warning.

Photo Sphere and Panorama

Google brings in an amusing way to capture large scenes and entire rooms, by introducing photo sphere and panorama mode in the all new Google camera app.

These fun features of the Google camera app will probably let dig even more into the features of this unique app and will bring in an entirely different photography experience.