Mobile operating systems: Targeting new markets geographically

Mobile operating systems: Targeting new markets geographically

Nowadays every single mobile platform for application development can be seen moved through its challenging competitors. Earlier the market leader in mobile Operating system was the Apple’s iOS operating system. Now the competition only remains between android and iOS systems. Other notable presence in the market is of Blackberry OS, Windows Phone and Symbian. Numerous app developers are extending their reach in every OS through their skilled app developers and innovative strategies.

The android mobile platform OS till date remains the highest used mobile phone platform across the world. During February 2012 device sales crossed more than 300 million users. During 2008 the first android device was officially launched, when HTC commercially showcased the “Dream” model. Over the past few years mobile device makers like Sony and Samsung have extended their market share by launching extremely advanced tablets and smartphones.

Google launched its own line of smartphones classified under the “Nexus” series. These devices carry stock operating system with no customization provided from the manufacturer’s side. Moreover, Motorola’s mobility was attained by Google, allowing them to create a completely home grown established nexus gadget of their own.

With rapid innovation in technology the sphere of android has notably moved beyond the tablet, smartphone and phablet segments. Numerous large electronic corporations have created smart watches running on Android platform. Furthermore, sooner the use of mobile operating systems is also expected to reach gaming consoles, personal computers and televisions.

Another majorly used OS which is iOS for Apple devices currently allows App developers to sell their applications through its App store in 100 nations worldwide. Thirdly Blackberry platform for its devices is has its availability in over 65 markets supporting six languages. Mobile application development company India has a significant share in worldwide applications and is creating innovative apps with the passing days.

Concluding the market analysis report of 2013, the growth of smart phone industries is expected to cover more than 27% of shipments in the world with a share in various North American markets exceeding 48% and 60% in Western Europe.