Humming Bird Latest – Impact on Search Engine Queries

Humming Bird Latest - Impact on Search Engine Queries

On 15th Birthday of Search Engine Giant “Google”, there was a Major Search Engine Algorithm update in Google named as “Humming Bird”. This Humming bird update is more of a brand new search engine update as it’s totally different from PANDA & PENGUINE UPDATES which creates uniqueness among the major search engine update after the launch of “Caffeine update” in 2009.

In this Post we are going to share about – What exactly is Humming Bird Google Algorithm Update, its effects on Search Engine Queries & How it can affect your SEO Efforts?

Humming Bird Update ?

Earlier before the Humming Bird update – To read “Long Search Queries” of users Google Search Engine bots interprets the queries Word by Word using Split keyword technology but now it has been totally changed with the Major Humming Bird Update. Google Humming Bird update is all about parsing long search queries at a time. Now “Long Search Queries” of users will not go with word by word, Instead of that Search Queries will go with the meaning of the query to deliver best results to users.

In Simple words now Search Engines will take whole searched sentence into their account rather than just taking keywords – “word by word” making the web search more user-friendly.

Effect of Humming Bird on Search Queries

To make this section more easily understandable to you – there is an example of Search results Google is generating now:

Example 1: Earlier for the query – “Pay your bills through American express” is used to display their root official URL first – but now it has been changed & coming to specific page which is about “Bill Pay”.

Humming Bird Update Examples - Case Study

Humming Bird Update Examples – Case Study

Example 2: Earlier for the search query “Pizza hut calories per slice” is displaying results i.e. –  [a link different from Pizza hut official brand] but it has been totally revamped which is where now  Google search result displays an answer directly from Pizza hut i.e.  which is more trustworthy – Google Says.

How it can affect your SEO Efforts?

If you are working well as per Google Guidelines – Google Humming bird update has no particular emphasis for making changes in your SEO Efforts. Google needs only quality & relevant content so that users can get relevant information sourced from the Search Engine & “SEO” which is all about ensuring your content generates the right type of signals for Google bots.

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