Leads & Conversion underneath Data Mining: Unexplored Techniques

Leads & Conversion underneath Data Mining: Unexplored Techniques

How do you plan to sell your services or products?

Do you strategize/plan before selling?

Do you mine the data of your existing & potential buyers?

You might be puzzled over why I’m asking such questions; why I don’t disclose the magic to pull in leads; why I’m not disclosing the easiest trick of convertibility.

If I say that you know the trick, then?

You might be thinking that if you’d have known then why you would have been reading this blog.

But still, I would stick to my words. You know the trick to generate leads and their conversion. I don’t let you wait for long. So, let’s start with data mining that you also do.

How? Follow my words step by step.

  1. Explore web analytics of your website. If you don’t run your own website, login your Facebook (business) account. Go through its analytics.
  2. Check its reporting page wherein old & new visitors’ count is given. It also reveals an average time of the incoming traffic’s reporting. From which location did it come-you can know like a piece of cake. Which product or service attracted them the most-it tells via the popular page (url) & landing page.
  3. All these and many more details would let you get an insight of your buyer persona.

Now, you would have the data of your existing & potential buyers. Data mining requires it, and it’s in your hand. You can churn the new sales patterns out of it.

Let me elaborate it in-depth. You would come to know how easy it is to generate leads.

How does data mining help in generating leads & conversion?

The data mining determines the computation of like and unlike patterns. It’s possible by sifting through the potential & existing buyers’ data. You need to put the whole data in the funnel of conversion. Subsequently, this data mining process will reveal the hidden patterns. You can execute the decision driven from those patterns.


  1. Awareness: 

It’s the first phase of the conversion funnels. It’s an awareness phase. It lets you examine how the specific customer searched you. Are the searchers your right folk-find it out. The repercussion would expose to your (product/services) real buyers.

Publish posts> Filter most popular> Got the intent> Aware

Let’s say, Mary published a post over ‘Can’t You Speak English’. This post got maximum hits out of her four posts from the UK. The count of likes & shares exceeded a million. The visitors’ comments bombarded over it. A thorough analysis figured out that English speaking is the biggest pain point. That post gave her a silver lining. She picked the pain-point.

The visitors to her post became aware of her services (i.e. Teaching Spoken English). She took help from the third party from the UK. Those data mining services from UK’s outsourcer helped her segregate the picture of her actual buyers.


  1.  Interest:

Data mining captures the pattern of buyers’ behavior. It’s an enough hint to know their interest. Afterwards, capitalizing on it pays off via fat revenue.

Emphasize on Interest> Heal the Pain-point> Generate Interest

 Let’s continue the foretold example. Mary came to know the pain-point of her visitors. They were like shoppers.  She played with brain & coined ideas worth millions of dollars. She started drafting compelling copies, like infographics, images, banners and tips.


  1. Desire:

To make people hook to you is a Herculean task. But once you do it, you hit the bull’s eye. You can get reward out of it.

Fuel Interest> Introduce Irresistibility> Turn out Desire

In the aforementioned example, Mary got her audience in the form of English learners.  She served the food for their appetite of learning English. Regular compelling pieces of English learning tips and tricks made her day. Less frequent visitors became frequent ones. And later, they glued to her online tips. It shows their irresistibility. What she served became hard-to-resist.

Later on, she added a call-to-action. It directed to the sale of e-copies over spoken English. She was the author of that e-Book.

While keeping eyes on the regular comments and visits, she got the data to mine for her prospective e-Book sale. And millions of shoppers registered to buy her book.


  1. Conversion:

The lead value when they convert. Several frictions don’t let it happen. So, the data mining can help you reach the last leg from lead is not converting.

Strengthen Desire> Call-to-Action> Flawless Landing Page> Conversion

Let’s say, Mary added a landing to the call-of-action. As the action completed, the visitors fail to make orders.

Why did it happen?

It’s due to the frictions on the landing page. Perhaps, it was not optimized. Perhaps, the navigation to make a sale was inactive. Its reasons can be many.  The data mining helps you eliminate such kind of frictions. You can find all these friction on the analytics page.

In the wrap up, the lead and conversion is no big deal. You need to walk through data mining process. It will give you all the patterns to derive new & profitable decisions.