Do you know what automated web data extraction is?

Do you know what automated web data extraction is?

Web data extraction is defined as the process of retrieving files in a structured organized format from unstructured or semi-structured sources. Since the existence of internet and technology, leading companies and organizations have discovered the need of extracting data for their own benefits. It is possible to collect the information from the web pages, PDF, HTML, text and even spoofed files. Services; provide variety of information about the source. Many organizations have used such services for their large amounts of data on a daily basis. It is possible to gather information of a higher accuracy by using data extraction software’s which are highly efficient, accurate, flexible and affordable. These software’s are now the preferred choice of every firm involved in data collection and web based information.

Automated Data Extraction:

Web is flooded with online database and therefore for the success of any business one can easily download required information for taking crucial business decisions. This information from the net could be classified into structured and unstructured data.

There are two data extraction techniques: Manual and Automated.

Extracting it manually consumes more time and requires plenty of working hours. It is also found to be tedious and leads to a number of errors. Alternatively, automated web extraction is free from these drawbacks found in manual mining.

  • It automates files even after making the changes on the web page
  • You can schedule to run extraction at your convenience.
  • Maintains it confidentiality
  • Need not to rely on any outside source
  • More accurate results are found
  • Cuts down on man hours


Data Extraction Software:

Many companies and professionals require information and files to begin their work. The software serves this purpose of collecting information from a proven source and stores the information on specified destination. The source platform includes CSV, MySQL, MSSQL, excel and many such platforms. Tools can fetch data from various websites including Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Yellow pages, eBay, Amazon and various such websites. It can also extract files from the online social networking websites, shopping sites, classified, job portals, public sites and search engines.