It’s Simple to Extract Email Data for Email Marketing!

It’s Simple to Extract Email Data for Email Marketing!

How’s it if your product or services go so popular? While living amid lots of electronic gadgets and devices, we should kick out all worries to reach out our target audience. Just have an access to the internet; set up your web presence through a website. But wait! How would your target audience know that you exist on the internet?

Let we help you to go viral. What all you need to do is email marketing. Puzzling how would you get email addresses of your vast & widespread community of target audience? Don’t take stress! We have a trick. Once you follow these steps, you would see there you are…on the world map! It’s not a fantasy but the reality. Won’t you believe?

Let’s call on a few simple tricks of data extraction from Facebook. Subsequently, you would go gaga over it.

  1. Join the groups of your niche: The basic requirement of email marketing is emails. But since it’s something personal that most of us wants to keep privy, so you can’t access them easily. What all you can do is:
  • To make your Facebook community vast.
  • Create your organization’s official Facebook account.
  • Join the community that belongs to your niche. Join as many groups as you can.

Suppose you deal in spare parts of the automobile, you can join the group of automobile companies, manufacturers, automobile oil companies, car sellers, truck deals and so on. All these groups would be proximal to your niche. So, it would be a walkover to convince their members for becoming leads.

  1. Create Yahoo Account: Yahoo is one of the largest search engines where online community love to linger on. But you need not be friend with it. But yes, you have to create your Yahoo account.
  • Just go to sign up if you are a newbie to it.
  • Fill all the fields in the dialogue box with your name, yahoo user name, date of birth, mobile number & password etc.
  1. Sign up or Sign In: Once you are done with all these data entries,
  • The verification code will ping to the very mobile phone number in its inbox that you have put in while signing up. Put that unique code in the box. And your yahoo account is created.
  • Go to the ‘mail’ icon up at the right of the Yahoo search bar.
  • Click it open and you would be directed to Yahoo mail box.       
  1. Import contacts: On the left side, there would be an icon representing ‘Contact’. Click it on.
  • A window would be open in the right pane. At the top, there would be the icon of Facebook. Tap your mouse on the ‘import’ tab that would be horizontally present at the right. Click. But do remember that your official Facebook account should be open.
  • As the import is all done, the window will display the total count of the email addresses that would be a member of your FB account.
  1. Get all emails to notepad: However yahoo allows exporting those contacts. But it will not be all that you do. So, what you can do is:
  • Right click the check box of the imported emails.
  • A dialog box will open.
  • Before Layout, you should click on the ‘Basic View’ radio button.
  • A dialog box will ask you to allow pop up at the top. Click the radio button and then, on ‘Done’.
  • Tap on ‘print’ tab.
  • You will catch on the print preview of the imported contacts.
  • You need not click on ‘print’. Rather, ‘cancel’ it.
  • You would see the emails with their user name.
  • Select the title and then, select the last data entry.
  • Pan emails with user name will be selected.
  • Open notepad and paste them there.