Internet of Things and what’s the hype

Internet of Things and what's the hype


If you are familiar with the term Internet of Things and have done a considerable amount of research on it, you are sure are of one of those who believe the cheesy sci-fi stories of the 20th century are getting true. Because we are slowly dripping ourselves into the control of Internet, the plan is to go full Month. Internet of Things plans to connect everything around you into one big functioning unit. Your household appliances like television, refrigerator, tube lights, your car, your cell phone; everything would be a part of a single cloud which may also include your pets and even your family!

The question is how Internet of Things would affect the business strategies when it completely takes over the market?

Such a sudden and drastic change in the way things work, has forced the strategists to deploy new methods of marketing. The major development would be in the way customers perceive the products. More focus would be on the user experience rather than the standard function of the product. Companies would strive to get the x-factor into their goods which will make its usage aesthetically pleasing. In fact the term product would have a new definition of its own. Because almost every product you use daily will have a life and mind of its own, its service down the line would define it in the market. Classifications done according to the quality of service would be preferred rather than the traditional methods of comparing the price, longevity, robustness etc. It matters so much because most of the products would be directly linked with your way of living.

There is a need for the Internet marketing companies in India to accept the idea of Internet of Things very soon. Digital marketing and traditional business techniques have a huge chasm between them, especially because of the reluctance to accept new ideas. But to refuse to adhere to this new trend could prove hazardous to the growth of the company. Internet of Things could in fact turn out to be very fruitful for your business because of the way it would compactly integrate Information Technology with the various ways of marketing. For reaching out to a single customer a brand would have a plethora of ‘smart’ options.

The marketing can now be more creative and interactive than ever. To strive in this new dawn, an internet marketing company needs to think out of the box all the time. The trick is to understand the fact that if a device is connected to the internet it is a medium for advertising.