Increase your Facebook likes to uphold your online presence

Increase your Facebook likes to uphold your online presence

Are you a Facebook (FB) lover? For sure, everyone is. But do you know that it can give you a platform to make good amount of money? Yes, you get it right! You can use an FB page commercially. Unlike any brick and mortar shop, it runs 24X7. That means an entrepreneur can do dealing throughout day and night. What an idea sir Mark Zuckerberg gifted us as social media channel! He has given a fabulous platform to every local as well corporate for advertising, communicating, sharing, placing/receiving orders and doing lots of things. This is why its fans’ count is enhancing day by day. Not every page of it but the one which is beautifully designed with images, pictures, quotes and wonderful formatting can be zillions’ favourite.

You, too, can do so and jump up the number of your facebook visitors. Don’t skip these valuable tricks of search engine marketing service providers to enhance the number of LIKES on your FB page:

1. A complete profile page:

A profile page should be informative. Mention clearly who you are and what you are actually dealing in. An organized page should be properly categorized, and should clearly mention your address, phone number and your availability. The visitors will love to click on LIKE button if you have an attractive Facebook with crispy description.

2. Contesting:

Run a contest and get your page liked by the visitors. Remember! Winning a prize is a secret temptation. Thousands of visitors will hit ‘like’ button if you add tempting prize. It is the simplest way to get your page liked by the customers. You will love this secret as it will not let the user to go further without hitting ‘Like’ button. Facebook app has like-gate. This directs users to first like and then only move ahead for participating in FB contest.

3. Facebook ads:

A single motive behind creating a Facebook page under facebook marketing services is to target a suitable group of audience. Ads are readymade windows to check out what’s new and worthy. If anyhow you manage to run your facebook ads, the users will surely get attracted to it and click it for watching what’s in. Shopping is everyone’s favourite. So, a ‘like’ is to come with the clicking of the visitors onto your facebook ad. Posting ads frequently supports the motive of bringing target customers to the Facebook page. A Facebook ad allows you to target your desirable demographics.

4. Interest of your community:

Do you post what users love to watch, read, share and compliment? How would you know their taste and preferences? FB has so many options to let you know their preferences. Visitor’s Post, comments and clicks on ads give you the exact idea what they want to have. Try to aim at their matter of interest. Post what they love to learn, know and understand. This will up their engagement. They will come again and again to your page for sure.

5. Be active:

Every effort of yours will be waste if you post not on regular basis. At least once a day, the visitors will expect. They will come and find nothing new. It’s automatic that they will bounce back and will come rarely. Despite having interesting information, attractive ads and tempting images as well as quotes, they will get cut off from you. So, be regular in touch with your FB community to get likes.

6. Videos outperform

Motion pictures, as on YouTube, attract every watchdog for a while. An interesting concept keeps him there for more time to catch what’s in the video. If he/ she finds interesting and understandable, he/ she happily hits ‘like’. So, it’s better to incorporate videos with your FB content.

7. Do SEO Optimization

Search Engine Optimization requires use of relevant keywords for crawling. You can use this simple trick by adding keyword(s) to the FB title and About section. If you have a website, you can add its link.

8. Tag Others To let Your Page Be Tagged Later

Tagging flashes your post on to the wall of whomsoever you have tagged. This means your post has got another page to flash before another FB community. If it manages to attract that community as well then, you will like more and more likes.

9. Let Your Status Update Invite

Don’t feel shy in inviting people to join your FB page. Give impression as if it’s their gain in getting connected to your page. Share news or any creative idea with them which will give them every reason to join you and like.

10. Incentive invites likes

The reveal tab changes static Fb page intodynamic. If you want to make your content visible to your fans, you can set it visible for them only. Offer them incentives which so many apps offer. These can be a file or a coupon. Getting attracted, the fans will surely ‘Like’ your page.